Lewes jokers try to convince Brighton students Bonfire has been postponed because of rail strikes

Posted On 31 Oct 2016 at 4:41 pm

Lewesians are attempting to convince Brighton students that the town’s famous Bonfire celebrations have been postponed until November 12 because of this weekend’s train strike.
A Facebook events page set up by the Brighton and Sussex University Freshers’ 2016 advertising the event has been all but taken over by joke posts from people living in Lewes poking fun at student stereotypes and trying to put them off coming at all.

The town is known for being fiercely protective of its spectacular fireworks traditions, which some insist are not intended for the entertainment of outsiders.

And with the latest in a long line of strikes on Southern rail services planned to coincide with Bonfire Night, the opportunity for mischief has been too great for many.

Some people have mocked up pages from BBC News and Sky News and even Lewes Borough Council claiming the event has been postponed – with many other posts making reference to the postponement.

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Other posts mock the perceived naivety of some visitors to the town on Bonfire Night. One poster, Alison, asked: “Please could you advise me of the crèche facilities”. Alec asked where to set up a homeopathy stall, “maybe somewhere just off of the high Road in the centre of Louis would be good.”

Richie wanted to know: “Can I bring my classic car and drive in the parade please?” and Chris asked: “Is there a non smoking area? I have a nasty cough.”

In an effort to avoid confusion, the creator of the event has now changed the date to February 10 next year, with the title TBA.

  1. Roz Bassford-South Reply

    Fortunately the organisers have seen sense. It’s now been moved to Brighton where a pop-up event on the 5th November at The Level follows a parade from Sussex University. Allegedly.

    • Meriel Whale Reply

      Yes that’s what I heard too

  2. Jj Reply

    News Update; Lewes Bonfire event has already happened.

  3. Joe Stains Reply

    Just shows the intelligence of idiotic, immature, selfish brat students

    • derek Reply

      really Mr Stains were you a seafaring type once? because your comment is of the action performed to release the minute seafarers!

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