Three out of four beaches in Brighton and Hove have ‘excellent’ bathing water, says watchdog

Posted On 08 Nov 2016 at 10:20 pm

Three out of the four beaches in Brighton and Hove have ‘excellent’ bathing water, according to the official government watchdog.

The annual ratings were published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) today (Tuesday 8 November).

The beach in Brighton and Hove is divided into four stretches listed as Hove, Brighton Central, Brighton Kemp Town and Saltdean in the Defra report.

Hove, Brighton Central and Saltdean are given the top rating of excellent – the same as last year. And Brighton Kemp Town is given the next best rating of good – also the same as last year.

Southwick beach is again rated as excellent in the report.

The results are based on four years of weekly samples and prompted Southern Water to describe them as “among the best in the country”.

Paul Kent, Southern Water’s environment and wastewater strategy manager, said: “Bathing water quality is affected by a number of issues but we play an important role in helping support local authorities and the Environment Agency to ensure the coastal waters in our region are protected.

“We are thrilled this has been another great year for our region’s beaches. They are a vital asset and of huge importance to the people who live and work here.”

Southern Water said: “We have invested millions of pounds in helping to boost bathing water quality across the region over recent years and work closely with a range of partners, including councils, conservation groups, charities, businesses and key bodies such as the Environment Agency.”

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