Brighton neighbourhood searches for new home for crowdfunded Snowdog

Posted On 08 Dec 2016 at 1:14 pm

A Brighton neighbourhood which clubbed together to buy a snowdog is now searching for their new pup’s perfect home.
Residents of Hanover organised a crowdfunding campaign, which raised more than £2,300 to help bid for one of the Martlet’s snowdogs on Tuesday night.

And after that total was more than doubled by the generosity of businessman Brian Warren of Quick HR, they returned from the auction as the proud owners of Process Pup – designed by artist Josh Ford, who also lives locally.

Ruth Farnell, who organised the crowdfunder, said she was over the moon the Hanover had its snowdog, and was now looking in earnest for suitable spots for him, with a shortlist being put to a public vote on the Hanover Community Notice Board on Facebook.

She said: “I didn’t think we would get a dog so I didn’t think too hard about where the pup would live. He is being fostered by me from Thursday at Queens Park Rd (will put him where you can see him and you are welcome to visit) until we work it out or unless someone else wants to offer him temporary shelter.

“And if anyone knows of a secure, visible spot in Brighton, please email”

Brian Warren, who’s based in Elm Grove, said he was delighted the snowdog will be in his neighbourhood for decades to come.

He said: “I dropped Ruth a message when I first saw the crowdfunder along the lines of don’t be disappointed when it tails off after the first few days, but if you don’t raise what you need, come back to me.

“Even if it was in a different part of Brighton I would have been interested, but the fact it’s in my own neighbourhood – and Process Pup is so colourful and Hanover has got all of those colourful houses.

“This is going to be in Hanover for decades – it’s probably going to outlive all of us. Thousands of people will see Process Pup for generations.”

l-r Brian Warren, Josh Ford and Ruth Farnell

l-r Brian Warren, Josh Ford and Ruth Farnell

The community has already made several suggestions as to where he should go, with the Hanover Community Centre the current favourite. The centre is doing its best to work out how it can help while figuring out the logistics, including insurance and security.

Other suggestions from residents include the patch of grass overlooking the roundabout at the top of Southover Street, and the island in the middle of the Queens Park Pond.

And several people have asked if it’s possible for Process to tour the area’s many primary schools before settling down – and Process will be making his first post-auction public appearance at the Carlton Hill Primary School Christmas Fair on Saturday.

At least two other snowdogs are staying in Brighton. Financial services company One Family successfully bid on their stunning dog Bella, winning her for £8,500. Her new home will be outside their offices on West Street so passersby can still drop in to see the sculpture.

And Balfour Primary School successfully bid for Bobby, in memory of its pupil Niamh Storey-Davidson, who sadly died in 2014 aged nine from cancer. Bobby is now in the school’s gardens after being bought for £6,500.

Martlets projects manager Sarah Hartley – “Snowdogs by the Sea has been an absolutely phenomenal success; we’ve worked so hard on the project for the last year and the reaction from the public has been incredible. We’ve seen fantastic support for Martlets, I think thanks to the project local people understand what hospicecare is, which is vital, because without support from the local community we wouldn’t exist.

“The auction was an emotional and nerve racking evening, Tim did an expert job and he helped us raise such an astounding sum of money. £337,900 will make a huge difference to Martlets.”

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