New lighting for ‘lethal’ stairs to Brighton Station

Posted On 15 Dec 2016 at 1:21 pm

A set of stairs which provide a shortcut from London Road to the back of Brighton Station which were hailed as a “stairway to heaven” when they first opened a year ago became more like hell for commuters this winter after the lighting failed.
The steps, leading up from Stroudley Road to the station drop off point, were built by Hyde Housing as part of its housing development off Stroudley Road, and opened in November last year.

At some point over the past year, the lighting failed and as the days became shorter, commuters had to negotiate the steps in the dark.

But this week, the temporary lighting was repaired and Hyde says it is going to install permanent lights within the handrails.

Commuter Susan Bentley, who regularly uses the stairs, said before the lights were fixed: “Since the clocks went back everybody coming up and down those stairs is either walking incredibly slowly or is having to do what I’m doing, which is turning the torch on their phone on.

The Spearhead

“They’re quite slippery steps in the rain. I consider myself an able bodied person and going up and down those steps, and I’m having to hold onto those handrails in the complete blackness.

“The lift was operational for about two weeks and is now closed off so there’s been no disabled access that way for most of the time.

“It’s pretty atrocious really.”

A spokeswoman for Hyde said: “We were made aware there was an issue and have since repaired the temporary lighting for the stairs at Brighton Station. New permanent lighting is being installed within the handrails to the stairs and is currently being manufactured.”

  1. Resident Reply

    These steps are a death hazard even with the lights on! Slippery and uneven in places making it so dangerous.
    Although temporary lights have been installed, They are constantly faultering and around 50% of the time are off. I have emailed Hyde about this as I am a resident there and the response has been very poor. The lift, as in the report, was operational for a week and then permanently shut with no work taking place to get it back in operation.
    Frustrating and dangerous

  2. Al Bion-Street Reply

    @jowadsworth is Hyde’s spokeswoman willing to comment on the fact that the lift has been out of action for so long?

  3. Hjarrs Reply

    Gone A over T on these stairs myself!

    I was really surprised that the lighting has been so poor and that the lift is not in use. A real shame as this is such a useful new route. Let’s hope Hyde get their finger out and finally make a good job of it.

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