Brighton TV station launches LGBT channel

Posted On 10 Feb 2017 at 12:52 am

Latest TV has launched its own LGBT channel – LGBTplus – in an event at the Latest Music Bar in Manchester Street, Brighton.

The station’s founder and chief executive Bill Smith paid tribute to presenters Sophie Cook and Andrew Kay and thanked supporters including G-Scene editor James Ledward.

Mr Smith said that the station was run without public money and had started a crowdfunding appeal. To find out more or donate go to

And he had warm praise for Brighton, saying: “Brighton is an island of freedom in an ocean of intolerance. Brighton has got something special. People run away to Brighton. It is the end of the rainbow. It’s the place that people come to because they want to be free.”

  1. Gerald Wiley Reply

    Pushing the definition of a “new channel”! All they are doing is replacing some of the time they are showing their typical schedule filled with 1940s-60s black and white films with programmes aimed at the LGBT communities.

    That the channel doesn’t seem to be able to get enough income from advertising to be able to support programming and needs to seek crowdfunding suggest the channel is having financial problems and is in dire need of more viewers.

    Does anyone actually watch Latest TV in Brighton on purpose? I only usually watch it by mistake as I go up from ITV2 to BBC4.

    • Dom Kaos Reply

      I remember a friend happening upon it while he was channel-hopping a couple of years ago: we watched it for about ten minutes, assuming it was a Fast Show style spoof.

  2. Latest Bill Reply

    To Gerard….., why so obsessed with money. Why so cynical!! We launched it because it’s needed! Btw over 100,000 viewers reach in Sussex and over 5 million for local TV across U.K. And did you see Draconian about being gay in Uganda! Great film from Brighton filmmaker from Latest TV William Ranieri. BBC gets no ads, Guardian less and less. Are they worthless?

    To Dom..,, Shane Meadows coming soon…. and a few more you might like!

    Why not be positive! We have hardly any public funding but we do have the respect of the industry!

    Btw….We do a lot of work for BBC…. news, I directed film on West Pier,

    Anyway good to know you’ve both watched

    • Gerald Wiley Reply

      @Latest Will – I accept that your programmes may well ‘reach’ over 100,000 viewers, but I repeat my question as to what are your “actual viewing figures”?

      I would expect that your advertisers pay based upon the number who might see the programmes so I guess that you do know the actual numbers and maybe they are not that high?.

      And yes, I did watch your channel – for 5 minutes accidentally.

      Not sure that I was ever going to be interested in “Draconian” – I tend to watch programmes for entertainment. So how many viewers have watched this?

      If you are basing need for this channel upon the perceived “value” to the community and “respect” to the industry then all well and good. May you be successful in your enterprise and get sufficient income to support your activities form your supporters.

      I would just have thought it would be better if it were a successful business model with sufficient viewers and the resultant revenue streams from advertising to support it’s activities.

      That you are providing feeds to the BBC is great and I hope they pay you well for your work.

  3. Gerald Wiley Reply

    @Latest Bill/Will – are you going to respond to my questions no actual viewing figures, or are you going to stay silent?

    I see that your crowdfunding appeal is not going that well – so far you have 4 donations totalling £231 out of a total goal of £15,000.
    But then, as you say, you don’t need to be obsessed with money anyway.

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