60-bike drag race at Brighton Marina sparks police operation

Posted On 02 Mar 2017 at 12:57 pm

A massive drag race around the Asda car park has helped spark a crackdown on “risky and careless behaviour” by car drivers and motorcyclists this year.
Asda Marina car park
Activity has centred on Brighton Marina and the Asda supermarket, with those responsible gathering in numbers before indulging in anti-social antics.

On one occasion some 60 vehicles were reported to be drag racing around the supermarket car park. On another, motorbikes were being ridden on footpaths.

Last month officers from the East Brighton neighbourhood policing team carried out a two-day operation aimed at curbing the noisy and dangerous nuisance.

Numerous vehicles were stopped and offences including driving while disqualified and driving without insurance were dealt with.

Where appropriate, vehicles were seized and other offences resulted in drivers being given warning notices about their behaviour.

On Friday 24 February one repeat offender became the first to be served with a banning notice, preventing him from entering any part of Brighton Marina.

NPT Sergeant James Ward said officers had been working closely with the marina’s management team and others to address the problem.

He said: “We will continue to work with our partners to target those individuals who make the decision to meet and drive in ways that put at risk the lives of those attending the marina for legitimate reasons, enjoyment and relaxation.”

Anyone seeing or having information about anti-social driving, wherever the location, can report it here.


  1. mike mouse Reply

    PC liberal Brighton residents – drugs and bad behaviour – no self discipline no respect no consideration for others – just a bunch of selfish morons. Then there is a demand for some policing to control the stupid idiots – but there has to be a joint approach with the more responsible residents with common sense who need to work with the police to control these drug addicted scumbags or else the area will descend into a war zone chaos which will affect the tourist trade and house prices. There are hundreds of cameras already in situ but the inconsiderate element just ignore them. Prison sentences do not seem to stop them behaving badly. Corporal punishment in some countries has an effect on badly behaved young men – perhaps the birch and public floggings would be a deterrant?

    • Hjarrs Reply

      I have a suspicion that this antisocial behaviour is being committed from people living all over Sussex and beyond.

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