Housing association applies to build 60 homes on derelict seafront site in Hove

Posted On 05 Apr 2017 at 11:58 am

Housing association Hyde has submitted plans to build 60 homes on the derelict Sackville Hotel site on Hove seafront.

The eight-storey scheme was reduced from the original 17-storey design in response to concerns from neighbours and community groups.

After its original tower prompted an outcry, Hyde and HGP Architects invited the plans’ opponents to help shape a new look for the scheme using state of the art 3D modelling software.

Design workshops were hosted by HGP Architects partner Guy Goodman who said: “I’m personally grateful for the time and creative input of the many local residents and community groups who have embraced the consultation process and got involved in shaping the height, design and materials for the proposed new building.

“It’s been refreshing to be involved in a meaningful dialogue with residents and I’m certain the quality of our design is much better for it.

“The building fits seamlessly into Hove seafront and will enhance the conservation area, providing elegantly designed new homes on a vacant brownfield site.”

The resulting design is for an eight-storey building, with the top floor setback from the floors below and stepping down in height at the rear.

Hyde said: “The building form is curved, seamlessly flowing around the corner from Kingsway into Sackville Gardens, providing a feature corner to a classic art-deco styled apartment block fitting of its seafront and conservation area setting.”

Although basement parking is included under the 60 flats, the housing association said that it would use its experience on other local schemes to minimise car use. This would include funding to set up a car club, providing cycle parking and supplying bus passes.
Residents who do not buy or rent a car parking space will not be eligible for council parking permits and a proportion of the homes will be “car free”.

The proportion and mix of affordable homes is yet to be agreed with Brighton and Hove City Council which is expected to decide whether to approve the scheme in the summer. Profits from the sale of homes to private buyers will be used to fund social housing elsewhere – much of it in the local area.

Hyde development director Tom Shaw said: “HGP have taken the time to really understand the brief, to meet with local residents and stakeholders and collaborate to produce a design for a scheme that will deliver a landmark building for Hove seafront while respecting its neighbours and raising the bar in terms of quality of design.”

Hyde added: “The design includes a number of measures to reduce its environmental footprint, reducing carbon emissions by over 19 per cent compared to the Building Regulations standard, with 15 per cent of the overall energy demand for the block offset by use of solar panels and the balance offset by high levels of thermal insulation.

“The proposal includes a fire sprinkler system within the block, in excess of current building regulations.”

  1. Rolivan Reply

    Hyde Group aren’t a Charity.There is a big difference.

  2. Bill Reply

    My understanding is that they are, their website confirms:

    Hyde Housing Association Ltd

    Registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 No 18195R with exempt charitable status

  3. toby Reply

    prime real estate and it is going to a charity , are you for real, I can not believe your going to subject this who work hard to get to where they are and then stick a bunch of tyre kickers a home bang in the middle of all of that hard work and this that try to enjoy what they have worked so hard for, put them in lewis that place needs to be livened up a bit, another fucking disaster from B&H Council ..

  4. Daniel Harris Reply

    But isn’t this under the new company being set up for the joint venture between both BHCC and Hyde?

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