‘Southern Accelerator’ will make Greater Brighton even greater

Posted On 15 Apr 2017 at 4:18 pm

We are launching a vision for a “Southern Accelerator” to drive growth in the local economy.

This innovative idea for our area will run along the same lines as the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine initiatives.

The term Southern Accelerator, which I proposed, will be put to the Greater Brighton Economic Board as part of its response to the consultation on the government’s “Building our industrial strategy” green paper.

Recent government announcements have demonstrated a continuing use of and investment in the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine.

While without doubt those areas are in need of regeneration in a way that the whole of the south east is not, we should not be excluded from investment in infrastructure, jobs, housing, new technology and growth.

The Greater Brighton Economic Board covers the city region of Brighton and Hove, Adur, Worthing, Lewes and Mid Sussex.

It was set up in 2014 to protect and grow the local economy, by formulating economic policy and co-ordinating economic activities and investments at a regional level.

That is why we are proposing the creation of the Southern Accelerator as an over-arching vision for the region.

We need to go further and faster, boosting our economic power, accelerating growth through building on current success, speeding our development of biotech, digital, engineering and other areas where we aim to compete globally, driving investment in transport and housing infrastructure, supporting further and higher education and providing a brand within which we can bring trade and investment to the region.

I’m pleased that Councillor Daniel Humphreys, chairman of Greater Brighton Economic Board and leader of Worthing Borough Council, the other Greater Brighton leaders and I have been able to develop and grow our successful partnership across the political divide and across the city region for the benefit of all our residents.

The Southern Accelerator, alongside the potential expansion of Greater Brighton, will be the next step.

Councillor Warren Morgan is the leader of Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. bobbi Reply

    I really have no clue what you are talking about. It sounds like a load of waffle.

    • Christian Reply

      It will never compete Silicon Spa Brighton should dream on they are glorifying it he’s a politician there all full of crap don’t worry about it neither does he. Should go and stay with Sheila Lewitt she has a b and b in Cubbington the road where I was bought let them dream.

  2. Benny Reply

    Agree with Bobbi. This is a minor local politician with no skills at anything making a noise

  3. Rolivan Reply

    Well having been working up in the Northern Powerhouse I can tell you one thing,until a decent Transport Infrastructure is built like they are doing up there The South Coast will stay locked in the 20th Century.Why not just get on with it instead of resorting to Psychobabble.

  4. Fishwife Reply

    Jeezus, is this some kind of cryptic crossword clue?

  5. Sammy Reply

    I think someone should check if Millview have any beds available. This is complete nonsense!

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