Conservatives choose LGBT champion to contest Brighton Pavilion

Posted On 07 May 2017 at 1:00 pm

The Conservatives have chosen an LGBT champion as their candidate in Brighton Pavilion for the general election on Thursday 8 June.

Emma Warman

The party said today (Sunday 7 May): “Emma Warman has been selected to represent the Conservative Party in Brighton Pavilion.”

Local Conservative Party chairman Councillor Lee Wares said: “We are extremely pleased that Emma has been selected and she will be an excellent MP for Brighton Pavilion.”

Ms Warman comes from Carmarthen, in Wales. Her father is an electrician and her mother worked for the NHS.

She went to a comprehensive school in Wales before going to Reading University. In Reading she became a primary school governor.

She later went to law school in London and, working full time, took evening classes to qualify as a lawyer.

She said: “I’m delighted to have been selected for Brighton Pavilion. I’m passionate about the Prime Minister’s commitment to create a country that works for everyone because coming from an ordinary background and a state school education I know how difficult it can be to get on in life.

“Theresa May speaks for all of us, no matter what our backgrounds.”

Ms Warman, who works in the insurance industry, said that she wasn’t a career politician.

She has previously served as the deputy chair of LGBT+ Conservatives and as a councillor. She stood for Parliament in the 2015 general election.

She said that she looked forward to “supporting Theresa May in securing a strong and stable government delivering jobs and security for Brighton Pavilion”.

  1. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Helicoptered in from Wales? Nobody local wanting to stand?

    • Gerald Wiley Reply

      Just checking – didn’t you stand as a Lib Dem candidate before switching to the dark (Green) side, and are you born and bred in Sussex?

    • Kevin C. FitzPatrick Reply

      Caroline Lucas is also not local.

      What on earth have the Greens done for Brighton? Apart from expensive non sensical bike lanes, running contrary to the normal traffic, which is daft. And a policy of making it difficult to recycle household rubbish, lived in France it was so much easier there.

  2. Jennie3982 Reply

    Last time the Conservatives put up Clarence Mitchell, who would have looked after his own constituents, and not even he toppled the rock star Caroline Lucas. The Monster Raving Loony Party might be holding on to their deposit. RIP Lord Sutch.

    • Al Reply

      Clarence Mitchell was merely a paper candidate, put up to tick a box. A joke candidate – if you like. At least he maintained he had ‘links to East Sussex’; Ms Warman has been brought in on the tokenistic notion of her being an LGBT representative. If those quotes attributed to her are correct, she has outrageously lied.

  3. jennie Reply

    RIP Lord Sutch.

  4. Martin Cross Reply

    Didn’t Clarence want to stand again? Very odd choice if he did.

  5. Michael Inkpin-Leissner Reply

    Labour with an Animal Welfare Champion, Tories with an LGTB champion…. these choices are so predictable

    • Rolivan Reply

      Why weren’t you selected Michael?

  6. Steve Davis Reply

    Went to a comprehensive and mum worked for the NHS? Yet represents a party that will destroy both things? Btw I won £10 on “strong and stable” bongo 😀

  7. Jane Foster Reply

    Is she aware of her leaders voting record on gay rights

  8. Simon Turner Reply

    She’s too young to remember the Tories introducing Clause 28… and possibly Labour repealing it too.

  9. jennie Reply

    Seems the Monster Raving Loony Party isn’t putting up a candidate for Brighton Pavilion, but UKIP is. I wonder how many conservative voters will vote UKIP? And a lot of other totally disaffected voters as well? I don’t know anything about the guy, but he should make his personality more visible. I am trying to imagine how UKIP could beat Caroline Lucas….unlikely, she will almost certainly win…would definitely put a cat among the Brighton Pavilion pigeons.

  10. David Wall Reply

    What choise do I have,I had made up my mind to vote for Consevatives this time, but who is this person standing she has no connection at all with Brighton doesn’t even live here,she failed to be elected in Cardiff a few years ago & lives in Reading? Labour,Greens have both ruined our once beautiful city turning into a dump.Ukip no hope, Indepenent just looking for joining gravy train.Help.

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