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Posted On 17 May 2017 at 9:39 pm

Brighton and Hove mayor Pete West carried out more than 900 engagement during his mayoral year which started last May and ends tomorrow (Thursday 18 May).

The Mayor of Brighton and Hove Councillor Pete West

Councillor West is due to hand over the chains of office to Councillor Mo Marsh at the annual meeting of Brighton and Hove City Council.

An official report said that he had raised more than £94,000 for his 27 mayoral charities with £34,000 coming from the Paris2Brighton Cycle Ride organised by the Brighton and Hove Property Consortium.

The mayor saddled up on a tandem to take part in the bike ride which was inaugurated last year by his predecessor Councillor Lynda Hyde. Last year it started in Brighton. This year it ended here.

Councillor West spent much of the year on his bike and turned up to some events on a tandem with the mayor’s chauffeur Robbie Robertson pedalling too.

The report to the meeting of the annual council said: “The mayor is the first citizen of Brighton and Hove and carries out a range of civic and ceremonial duties, representing the council at hundreds of events across the city and around the region.

“Many organisations contact the mayor’s office to request mayoral presence at their events.

“The mayor’s presence helps raise profile, generates publicity and increases opportunities for fundraising.

“In addition, during their year of office the mayor supports local charities, raising funds and boosting profile.

“The Mayor of Brighton and Hove is not directly elected, holds no direct power and is politically neutral during their term of office. The role is purely civic and ceremonial.

Mayor Pete West on his bike

“The mayor undertakes many different duties including
• chairing meetings of full council, including the council’s budget setting meeting
• supporting the main aims of the council
• representing the council at public, civic and ceremonial events both in and outside of the city
• acting as an ambassador for the city and working with a wide range of local organisations

“This year the mayor chose to offer his support to 27 charities that were able to use the mayoral name to promote events and to encourage support for the mayoral charities.

“During his mayoral year (2016-17) the mayor carried out in excess of 915 engagements of which approximately
125 were events or receptions in the mayor’s parlour
72 involved faith or faith communities
141 involved sport or sporting activities
153 were traditional or heritage events
60 were meetings
153 involved the arts or creative communities
348 were charity, fundraising or volunteer events
168 involved aspects of health, age or wellbeing
144 involved young people
96 supported the economy
51 supported environmental activity
309 were in support of neighbourhoods, inclusion, communities and equalities

“The mayor was particularly pleased to have been able to attend and take part in
• Remembrance Day commemorations
• the launch of the Fringe festival from Paris
• citizenship ceremonies
• Pride and Trans Pride
• the royal visit of Prince Philip to open the i360
• school visits
• the Brighton Marathon, Half Marathon and London to Brighton Bike Ride
• university graduation ceremonies
• events to raise funds for the mayor’s chosen charities
• many events that supported his mayoral theme of ‘active life’
• a number of 100th birthdays, several 100-plus birthdays and a 70th wedding anniversary

“The mayor’s parlour has been used on many occasions throughout the year, including
• civic receptions
• all meetings of the Mayor’s Charity Committee
• all meetings of the Brighton Fund
• meetings of the Police Cells Museum Committee

“The mayor wishes to thank the Charity Committee and in particular all those who chaired meetings for their support.

“Funds raised for charity exceed a total £94,000, with the proceeds of the Paris2Brighton Cycle Ride contributing £34,000 of the total raised to date.

“The mayor wishes to thank the Reverend Anthea Ballam for her work as chaplain and support throughout the year.

“The mayor wishes to thank Councillor Mo Marsh (deputy mayor) for deputising at many events and former mayors and colleagues for their support and flexibility.

“The mayor would like to extend particular thanks to his partner Geraldine for support as mayoress and his son Eoin and sister Lyn who acted as a consort on a number of occasions. He also wishes to thank friends, family and fellow councillors for their support.

“The mayor is grateful for the support of officers and particularly wishes to thank the staff in the Civic Office and those involved in helping to manage the council meetings.”

His final duty before the annual council meeting will be to chair a special council meeting at Brighton Town Hall.

At that meeting the freedom of Brighton and Hove is due to be conferred on Brighton and Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton and the football club’s chairman Tony Bloom to mark the side’s promotion to the Premiership.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    By not locking down into old-style set-up of “the Mayor’s three chosen charities”, cllr Pete West was able to help more charities the past year, helping to raise over £90,000 against the previous year’s £60,000.

    A year ago he got blasted by the Moaners for doing something new but he has been vindicated.

    Well done to cllr West.

  2. Nigel Furness Reply

    Quite right,Christopher. Not only has Peter done afantastic job of fund-raising during his term of office but he has also provided our City with a very visible ambassador.
    Our newly elected Mayor will certainly have a tough act to follow.
    Very well done!

  3. Dave Reply

    I was particularly surprised and pleased to see him cycling round the city on his tandem (complete with “yes I am the mayor” sign)!

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