BBC Radio 5 Live focuses on Brighton’s housing crisis and electoral pacts

Posted On 19 May 2017 at 6:31 pm

BBC Radio 5 Live came to Brighton for its drive-time programme this afternoon (Friday 19 May) when it focused on the area’s housing crisis and electoral pacts.

Presenter Tony Livesey heard from working people struggling even to afford the rent for a small flat, including one man called Darren who lives in his car.

Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) chief executive Andy Winter said that Darren’s story was becoming ever more common, adding: “Brighton has become a major housing disaster area.”

The influx of people from London – some to live and others investing – along with the booming universities have created “a perfect storm”.

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He spoke about an “affordability problem” with private landlord Mike Stimson sharing much of his analysis.

Mr Winter urged the building of more homes and was pleased to hear that the main parties all supported increasing supply. He cautioned about the housing mix, with the need greatest for truly affordable homes.

For the duration of the programme the outside broadcast van was based in Slinfold Close – briefly referred to as Seinfeld Close – in the Brighton Kemptown constituency.

The programme also touched on the NHS locally – and as an election issue – and the decision by the Greens not to stand to give Labour a better chance of beating the Conservative candidate Simon Kirby.

And the decision by UKIP not to stand in Kemptown although the party is standing in Brighton Pavilion where the Liberal Democrats have stood aside for Green candidate Caroline Lucas.

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