Brighton woman warns fellow drivers about nail-strewn roads

Posted On 21 May 2017 at 9:43 pm

A woman from Brighton has urged fellow drivers to be on the lookout for nails and screws after three punctures in a few months.

Lyndsay Josephy, from Bevendean, posted her warning with a photo on Facebook. She said: ““Please keep your eyes peeled for screws and nails on roads in Bevendean and pick them up if you can.

“This was just what I found today. Wish I had kept all the others I’ve found over the last few weeks to show you just how many I have found.

“Screws and nails have cost me three new tyres in the last few months which is when I started noticing just how many there have been on the roads.”

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A neighbour replied: ““I’ve had loads recently, wonder if roads agency, environment, PCSO need to know so they can check area?”

And another Facebook user said: “I think this isn’t just Bevendean – a friend of mine had one over in Hollingbury.”

  1. Coombe Road Reply

    Try living next door to an electrician. They unload their vans in the street and often leave screws scattered. After loosing a tyre that was barely two weeks old(!) I now check the ground every day. Must have lost six tyres to screws in the last few years. They never wear out on my car – always punctures

    Some traders can be very messy and lack care when loading\unloading.

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