Dr Death leads conga and hosts NHS protest in heart of Brighton

Posted On 04 Jun 2017 at 12:13 pm

NHS campaigners held a tug o’ war in the heart of Brighton yesterday (Saturday 3 June) and danced a conga led by “Dr Death”.

Dr Death, left, prepares the teams for a tug o’ war over the NHS

While some wore masks with the faces of Virgin boss Richard Branson, Prime Minister Theresa May and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, a real politician also turned up at the event in New Road.

Caroline Lucas, who won Brighton Pavilion for the Green at the past two general elections and is standing again on Thursday (8 June), went along to show her support.

One of the organisers from Sussex Defend the NHS said: “Health services are under siege by private companies with politicians on their payrolls.”

Dozens of campaigners turned out in support of Sussex Defend the NHS

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