Three months of roadworks planned for busy double junction in Lewes Road

Posted On 21 Aug 2017 at 2:59 pm

More roadworks are planned for Lewes Road, in Brighton, with three months of delays expected.

The aim is to make two busy junctions safer and to cut the queues that currently build up in Union Road, north of The Level, and at the bottom of Elm Grove.

Brighton and Hove City Council said: “Changes are being made to a congested double junction in Brighton’s Lewes Road, where it meets Elm Grove and Union Road, at The Level.

“The aim is to improve safety and reduce hold-ups.

“Works are due to start on (Monday) 28 August and last for up to three months. Delays are expected and drivers are strongly advised to seek an alternative route.

“Changes will see the central island in the Lewes Road outside Park Crescent doctors’ surgery removed, along with its railings.

“Extra space will be created to extend lanes for turning right into both Elm Grove and Union Road.  This will reduce the tendency for queuing traffic to obstruct other lanes.

“Traffic signals will be upgraded to better co-ordinate with others from Lewes Road to Edward Street.

“Kerbs will be realigned, helping provide space for better pedestrian and cycling facilities, with wider cycle lanes and shared spaces to help southbound cyclists towards cycle lanes on The Level.

“Road resurfacing and new line markings will provide a smoother ride and improved safety.

“New pedestrian and cycle crossings over Lewes Road will be installed and there will be wider waiting islands for pedestrians crossing Union Road and Elm Grove.

“Measures to further protect cyclists at the left turn into Elm Grove from Lewes Road include red surfacing to make cycle lanes clearer and a wide-angle mirror will help drivers see bikes on their nearside.

“Railings on the corner will be removed to give cyclists more room in an emergency.

“Junctions will have head-start green lights for cyclists.

“Bus stops will be extended and turning areas improved to help bendy buses.”

Councillor Gill Mitchell, who chairs the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said: “This double junction is an historic muddle with everyone getting in each other’s way.

“Changes to lights and lane space should smooth the route for buses and cars.

“We’ll make some changes to help cyclists and pedestrians go more directly where they actually want to go – particularly cyclists going from Elm Grove and Lewes Road on to The Level.

“But there will delays during the works for which we apologise and ask people to bear with us.”

  1. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    Here we go again…

  2. Oldcyn Ick Reply

    Never seen a traffic improvement plan improve traffic flow in this city……ever.

  3. Mark Scott Reply

    Probably will return it to how it was before they messed it up last time. Waste of time cyclists having a head start as they don’t stop anyway. The reason of the queues is the lights need putting back as they were.

    • Martini Reply

      Well said! The cyclists don’t even stop at the lights anyway. 3 month delays just for that! Honestly Brighton has become a joke. That Lewes road going down to one lane and the other being made into a bus lane was the worst decision i have ever come across in Brighton, it’s actually caused more congestion and pollution – greens my backside!! This will be the same thing, i can guarantee it!

  4. deano Reply

    3 Months to re- align some road islands ; what a joke. In Japan they would have it done in a fortnight.

  5. rodders Reply

    Brighton is a complete joke now for traffic, bus lanes/cycle lanes have just screwed everything up, wouldn’t be surprised if the council banned all motorised vehicles and only allowed horse and carts!! Waste of time and money, who ever came up with all these ideas should be ashamed of themselves. all the double yellow lines are driving people out of the town, the whole situation is a joke

  6. N E Wan Reply

    We had 3 months of nightmare roadworks at Dyke Rd and now we have the same traffic system but the traffic lights have green cycles on them…wow money well spent!

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