Brighton man thanks Good Samaritans who helped him when he collapsed

Posted On 14 Dec 2017 at 1:15 pm

A man who collapsed at a Brighton bus stop last week has put up a notice to thank the many people who came to his aid.

At least three people helped the man, who has signed the note ‘John’, including a young man who went to his home to let his wife know, a woman who called 999 and a man who held him after he fell.

John says all is now well with him, but he wants to let everyone who helped him know how grateful he and his wife are.

The note reads: “To the kind people who helped me here last Wednesday when I collapsed.

“Young man who went to my house to let my wife know and lady who called the ambulance, gentleman who held me when I had fallen to the ground.

“I was discharged the same day after having a series of tests and all is well with me.

“My wife and I want to say how grateful we are to you all.

“The kindness of strangers.


Vicki May, who posted the picture of the notice on Facebook, said: “I saw this posted at my local bus stop this morning, outside St Mary’s Church in Surrenden Road.

“It’s sad that John has been unwell but I’m so grateful that I live in such a loving and caring community.”

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