Bishop of Chichester joins House of Lords

Posted On 16 Jan 2018 at 5:55 pm

The Bishop of Chichester, Martin Warner, has become a member of the House of Lords.

He was introduced formally in the Lords chamber at the start of business yesterday (Monday 15 January), supported by the bishops of Norwich and Chelmsford.

Bishop Martin, 59, said: “I look forward to joining others from Sussex who serve in both houses at Westminster and to sharing in the Church of England’s contribution to the national life through Parliament.”

The Diocese of Chichester, which is responsible for the Church of England across Sussex, has its head office in New Church Road, Hove.

The diocese said: “The bishop has maintained a creative conversation with local MPs on issues of importance to the county and of course the diocese – and aims to continue to do so.

“Bishop Martin will become one of 26 ‘Lords Spiritual’, a group that includes the archbishops of Canterbury and York, the bishops of London, Durham and Winchester as ex-officio members, and 21 diocesan bishops introduced in order of seniority.”

At a short ceremony in the chamber of the House of Lords, the bishop presented his “writ of summons” from the Queen, took the parliamentary oath and then took his place on the bishops’ bench.

As he did so, rather than applause, the bishop was greeted with a parliamentary “hear, hear”.

Dr Warner, who became Bishop of Chichester in 2012, is expected to make his maiden speech at some point in the future.

To watch his introduction, click here.

  1. Karen Reply

    I am not sure why in the 21st Century we continue to have clerics sitting in our Parliament as of right. In my opinion disestablishment of the CofE is long overdue followed by complete reform of the HoL into an elected chamber and the constitution of the U.K. as a secular democracy.

  2. Mr Richard Saunders Reply

    I completly agree. Faith in mythical creatures is no reason to be given a post in Parliament

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