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Posted On 28 Apr 2018 at 1:49 pm

Theatre Royal Brighton
9-12 May 2018

ADAM is the National Theatre of Scotland’s award-winning show, based on a true story, of a trans man’s journey from Egypt to Glasgow and his struggle to be accepted as the man he nows himself to be. Adam himself stars in the show, alongside the excellent Rehanna MacDonald, each portraying the two sides to Adam’s psyche. It also features a 120 strong digital “virtual” choir made up of trans and non binary people from all over the world, singing a beautiful score by the world-renowned composer Jocelyn Pook. Pook has composed film scores for the likes of Stanley Kubrik’s Eyes Wide Shut.. The show has won a clutch of awards and been drawing huge praise and excitement from its audiences.

Director Cora Bissett said, “When the show opened at the Edinburgh Fringe last year we were all overwhelmed by the responses we had from our audiences. All kinds of different people, young and old, from all over the world, came along and found something beautiful in Adam’s story, because it’s one that is both personal and universal. 

“I had aunts and uncles in their 80’s whom I wasn’t sure would connect with it, but they were blown away. They said they had really learnt something new. Adam received emails from people who had come from Spain, Germany, all over and would gush ‘this is MY story too!’ I was delighted to see a huge turn out of young people, who told me they really identified with the feelings of isolation Adam experienced, and also a large amount of trans and non binary individuals came to the show. I hope that trans and non-binary people watching if feel that it is their story too, since it is not a documentary style expose of Adam’s life. We were all very clear it is Adam’s journey, but it is also reflective of thousands of trans people’s struggles in the world.”

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