Looking like a fab Friday night out in Brighton – 4 great bands for £6

Posted On 10 Sep 2018 at 11:40 pm

Saltwater Sun (pic Rosie Mackay)

It’s looking like a fab Friday night out, as those rather nice people at Hidden Herd have organised 4 great music artists for a mere £6. Yep, I know crazy eh?

The acts will be down at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Middle Street, Brighton from 7pm this coming Friday, the 14th September.

Hidden Herd are presenting Saltwater Sun, supported by THYLA, Circe and Lacuna Bloome.

Saltwater Sun are rather in vogue at the moment as NME said that the London five-piece made “the soundtrack to summer evenings” and Hidden Herd said “Saltwater Sun’s glistening guitar-pop is brimful of tornado guitar lines and towering refrains; the sort that demand to be listened to at window-shaking volume.”

You can see what all the fuss is about HERE by watching their new video for their latest single ‘Hot Mess’. 

The guys are on FacebookSoundCloud  and Spotify.

THYLA (pic Nick Linazasoro)

We first saw and reviewed THYLA back in March, when they supported Fickle Friends. We reported….Tonight’s proceedings was kicked off by a Brighton based 4-piece indie-pop band called Thyla, pronounced ‘Thigh-La’, who are fronted by the charismatic Millie Duthie. The other guys are Danny Southwell, Dan Hole and Mitch Duce. Their sound was quite rocky (The Horrors meets Blondie) for tonight’s punters however, they went down rather well and they sure set the standards for the evening’s entertainment. I would like to see this band play live again. I rather like their track Pristine Dream’ as it sounds like a rocky Cocteau Twins. You can hear some more from Thyla HERE and find them on Facebook HERE.

Circe (pic Nick Linazasoro)

We have enjoyed Circe several times already. Circe are fronted by the charming Alexa Povey, whose ethereal voice is something not to be missed. Circe have released ‘Under My Skin’ and my personal fave the truly hypnotic Blood And Wine, with hopefully more music on the horizon. Circe can be characterised by their talent in combining dark dramatic lyrics, brooding soundscapes and visceral meaty Novation synth bass to create an otherworldly dimension – as if Kate Bush was exploring the depths of the upside down.

Further Circe info can be found HERE and listen HERE.

Lacuna Bloom

Lacuna Bloome are Niall, Sam, Molly and Noah and they are currently unsigned and are based here in Brighton. A couple of months ago they unleashed the really catchy ‘I Am’, which to me sounds rather like the classic indie band The Primitives – great stuff!

You can find our about the guys on Facebook and listen to them on SoundCloud and

So head on down to Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar this Friday (14th September) for a fab evening’s entertainment. Grab your tickets HERE.

Saltwater Sun Tour Flyer


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