Brexit – a way forward

Posted On 10 Dec 2018 at 11:27 am

I’m sure many people are now very tired of hearing about Brexit, which is understandable. However that doesn’t change the fact that we are facing one of the biggest national crises since World War Two if, as seems possible, Britain crashes out of the European Union in just four months with no deal.

That would, according to the government’s own predictions, plunge the country into a longer and deeper recession than 2008, with disastrous consequences for businesses and families.

Everyone but the most well off would be hit hard. Jobs and rights will be lost. Our NHS will lose thousands of vital staff. Indeed it already has.

Theresa May’s deal is acceptable to almost no one, leaving us with no democratic say in how this country trades and survives in the European and international economy.

There is no “jobs first” Brexit or indeed any better deal than the one we have now. Two years of searching for one has failed. Thousands of British family members born in other EU countries face a desperately uncertain future.

There was no need for this mess. The referendum was pledged by David Cameron only to win back votes from UKIP in the 2015 general election.

Brexit was only supported by Boris Johnson to further his own ambitions, Jacob Rees-Mogg to indulge in his own free trade fantasies, and by others to further their own financial interests outside of new EU rules on tax due next year.

The EU is our best hope for democracy in the face of growing populism and nationalism, our best chance to force urgent action on climate change, the only way to guarantee we keep our rights to travel, live, work and retire in France, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere in Europe. Young people overwhelmingly want to keep those rights.

Parliament has shown that it is willing to take back control and give itself the ability to decide what happens next if, as is likely, Theresa May’s deal falls.

We now know from poll after poll that people have changed their minds, and are turning against Brexit. We now know from court rulings that the triggering of Article 50, which set us on a course to leave, can be revoked.

In the coming days and weeks Parliament should put party politics aside, act in the national interest and either put the decision back to the people in a new referendum or end the process of leaving the European Union altogether.

Councillor Warren Morgan is the former Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Cllr Morgan is correct (I took a sip of wine after typing that).

    That said, it looks to me as if there will be no time before March 29th for campaigners on either side to get to work, and so the Government will cancel the Article 50 it should never have sent in (let alone have had a Referendum in 2016 and a General Election the next year).

    It’s been such a farce, it cannot be long until Jacob Rees-Mogg runs into Parliament in a top hat and Benny Hill-style striped underwear.

  2. Sophia Mitchell Reply

    Very good point, we urgently must forget about all this Brexit lunacy. I worry about my future, my famile and all the things I worked for. As much as the UK gets away from EU, Germany and EU are gettin stronger in many markets. You can’t blink the fact.

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