Hove school plans nursery changes

Private school Lancing College Prep has applied to move its nursery to its main building.

The school in The Droveway, Hove, has a nursery based in a bungalow separate from the main school building but wants to change its use into a classroom for older children.

In its planning application the school said bringing the younger children into the main building would help them prepare for their future education.

It said: “The relocation of the nursery within the confines of the main school will prepare children better for advancing into normal school life as they grow up but will also expose them to more formal teaching, as well as facilities and interaction with older children.

“These are important for developing our children’s mind and social skills as they move into upper school.”

By moving the nursery into the main building the school needs to move classrooms to the bungalow.

Currently, using the bungalow at 6 The Droveway as a full-time classroom is restricted after the nursery was given planning permission in 2013.

Details of the plans can be found in the planning section on Brighton and Hove City Council’s website by searching for BH2018/03830.

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