A Green future for Brighton and Hove

On Thursday 2 May, Brighton and Hove residents will have the opportunity to say who they want to represent them on the city council.

The elections take place against Brexit chaos and the climate emergency while Tory austerity continues to fail our communities, with our city losing £1 in every £2 in real-terms funding since 2010.

Amid the challenges, if you want to know what Green councillors stand for, look at what we have done in the last few weeks.

Following Labour councillor resignations and defections, it was Green councillors who stopped the Tory takeover of the council.

We also ploughed £12.5 million back into the council budget, reversing some of the Labour council’s worst cuts, preventing homelessness and bringing in half a million pounds to tackle climate change.

We have stood firm against Brexit, making our council the first to endorse a “people’s vote”.

Last week, I was proud to unveil the Green manifesto plans for our city and provide a snapshot here.

Building on the Greens’ new council-run homeless shelter, we are committed to tackling the city’s housing crisis. We’ll build 600 new council houses and set up a council-run not-for-profit lettings agency. We’ll triple investment in homeless schemes that work, like Housing First.

Four years of a Labour council has left our city awash with graffiti and grime. With the funding we won at budget council we’ll improve our city centre.

We’ll let empty shops to business start-ups to bring confidence back to the high street.

We’ll revisit the recycling deal with waste company Veolia and curtail single-use plastics at events.

In the face of Tory austerity, community services are facing rising demand and we’ll protect sexual health and domestic violence services.

We also want to ensure our city is safe and welcoming for all and that our diverse communities are represented through the council’s decision making.

In the face of Labour division and Tory Brexit chaos, we know the city needs change and a positive, coherent plan for the future.

Greens are ready to stand up and lead Brighton and Hove. Read our plans: bit.ly/BHGPmanifesto.

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty is the convenor of the Green group on Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Rolivan Reply

    How do you propose letting empty shops to start ups unless they are Council owned?

    • Anthony Reply

      hahaha…oops….looks like you broke the dreaming pipeline….

  2. Anthony Reply

    “Four years of a Labour council has left our city awash with graffiti and grime.”
    – I must say, I expected better from you Phelim than to play this hot potato act.
    Brighton has always been that way, it used to be enjoyed as culture before too many folks who would feel uneasy living in a town with artwork on the walls because it makes them think that maybe not everything in life is instagram filters and activated advocado toast.

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