Brighton and Hove Albion set to leave the Amex and build an 80,000 seater stadium in Lancing

Posted On 01 Apr 2019 at 12:01 am

Brighton and Hove Albion is planning to move to a huge all seater stadium in Lancing.

The venue is mooted to be named The Ikea Stadium and will become one of the biggest of its kind in the English Premier League.

The club are likely to be renamed Brighton, Hove and Lancing Wanderers.

Locals have said its the most exciting thing to happen in Lancing, since the new Co-op opened.

The site of the current Amex Stadium in Falmer will become a vegan market and drop-in centre.

50% of Brighton residents now tell other people that they are vegan.

A club spokesman told Brighton and Hove News: “This is an exciting development. We plan to have an all weather cover known as the Pilla Roof.”

“The club will hold a full press conference at around 11:55 am today – anyone turning up after midday won’t be allowed in.”

UPDATE: There’s no fooling you lot is there? Happy April Fool’s Day to all who rumbled and enjoyed this year’s prank.

  1. Father Christmas Reply

    Almost believable but not quite – well not today anyway

  2. Rolivan Reply

    You forgot to mention The 2 Unis were to become Butlins and Pontins Holiday Camps as they fit the criteria for fun packed days.

  3. Colin Reply

    And there was I thinking this was going to be about the Breaking news that Brighton and Hove Albion and Southampton are to form a new super club to enable a South Coast team to challenge the very best Premiareship the new club Saints Albion plan to then apply to incorporate the French team St Etienne to allow easier entry into the European cup which is likley to become problematic for English teams post Brexit, our sources informed us that talks are well advanced with Saints Albion likley to be later renamed Saint Etienne Albion with games being played at the new proposed IKEA Stadium in Lancing with its great airport links for French fans to be able to fly in with the short one hour flight times, a club spokesperson said we hope that fans of all three clubs will be able to enjoy not only the feast of football but the welcome reintroduction of flakes

  4. Will Stone Reply

    Have a good April fools day.

  5. Adele Hughes Reply

    Happy April fools day!

  6. David Harris Reply

    Crappest April Fools ever.

  7. Alan Reply

    April Fool!

  8. ashley Reply

    come on this is the best april fools i have seen ever love it 🙂

  9. Richard y Reply

    Wonder if Argus will pick up this story.

    • Jamie Reply

      This was stolen from the Argus… Makes me wonder if this site is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • Rich Reply

        Er, no it wasn’t. The Argus regularly steal stories from this site like last year’s hilarious spoof about the old railway line to Kemp Town being reopened, meaning Sainsbury’s at the Vogue Gyratory being demolished. They’re blatant

  10. Alfie Forshett Reply


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  14. Tony J Reply

    Oh I can’t wait . LOL

  15. Ian Bowler Reply

    Well for a minute i thought how bad is that wow got caught

  16. Jackie Collins Buck Reply

    You had me right up to the name change to “Brighton & Hove & Lancing Wanderers”
    Then I knew it was a joke. Good One!

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  19. Harry Benderson Reply

    Can’t imagine too many people in Brighton fell for this one. April Fool’s jokes have become so common online that most people are very leery with the news on April Fool’s Day. Fake news! LOL. Wouldn’t that be funny though to see a huge stadium in Lancing. It reminds me of “Sim City” and bad zoning.

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