A progressive coalition in Brighton and Hove would be a pragmatic way forward

Posted On 05 May 2019 at 1:00 pm

The election results across the city have once again shown that the majority of residents support progressive politics and reject the regressive Conservatives and their ongoing austerity policy.

Over recent weeks many resident, businesses and community organisations have bemoaned to me and our candidates the lack of genuine joined up working between the two progressive groups on the council for the benefit of the city.

Unfortunately, party politics does rather tend to focus on the differences instead of celebrating the shared priorities.

Personally, I think this tribal approach has to stop holding back our city and our delivery for residents.

I also know that the Green and Labour party manifestos – our statements of our plans for the city – were so close to each other they could have been separated at birth.

Consequently, after discussions among the 20 Labour councillors, we are proposing seeking the support of our party to start a process of working with the 19 Green councillors and the Green Party locally to develop a shared policy platform and to put in place the governance arrangements to deliver on these.

The housing crisis, the homeless and the climate change emergency will not wait while politicians jockey for party political advantage and I truly believe that this approach will be beneficial for the city as a whole and enable us to deliver on our promises made on the doorstep.

The Labour group is committed to putting the city ahead of party advantage. I hope you agree that this is the pragmatic thing to do.

Councillor Daniel Yates is the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Valerie Knight Reply

    Excellent news!!!

  2. Tony Ling Reply

    Congratulations in keeping your seat Dan and I welcome this initiative

  3. Lev Eakins Reply

    This is awesome news – I really hope the Green Party accepts this invitation to talk. We need strong leadership to meet the huge challenges we have the city and a coalition administration could deliver that.

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