Body removed from Hove block of flats

Posted On 18 May 2019 at 8:18 pm

A body has been removed from a block of flats in Hove this afternoon (Saturday 18 May).

Three ambulances and at least four police cars as well as a Transit-style police van were reported to be outside Clarendon House, in Clarendon Road, in Hove.

The body was taken from a flat on the fifth floor of the building.

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Sussex Police would not say whether concerned neighbours had cause for alarm and whether witnesses were being sought for a crime of violence or whether they were dealing with a death by natural causes.

The force control room said that it was unaware of any incident in the street which is close to Hove railway station.

More details to follow.

  1. Terry Wing Reply

    That number of ambulances is indicative of a person in Cardiac Arrest and being resuscitated. The presence of a lone Police vehicle is a tell-tale sign that the person was then declared deceased; the police would be preferring a report for the Coroner. [*usually*]

    • Valerie Reply

      There were a number if police cars plus a ‘riot’ van there for several hours. A LOT of police.

  2. Sharon Hughes Reply

    Find it totally disgusting that this site can post such a story when close family may not be informed! Disgraceful

  3. Jean Smith Reply

    How do you know there hasn’t been a murder? I find it totally disgusting the police are staying schtum, rather than providing reassurance to the public, or asking for help finding a killer on the loose, or even asking for witnesses if there has been a crime. They’re supposed to be a public service. Waiting to inform relatives should really take second place to public safety and public reassurance!

  4. Ming Reply

    Theirs a young man who passed away regardless of cause …. have some respect. This guy is a Dad , Brother , Uncle , Son n Nephew .
    As you aren’t able to state circumstance I’d have thought any rag would be a little more sympathetic and wait until your aware. Even though I don’t personally feel this is News.

  5. Mel Reply

    Ming, I can’t see any lack of sympathy, just a straightforward article about a highly visible presence by the 999 brigade. Deaths are news. They’re one of the most significant events – possibly the most significant event in your life – after you’re born. It’s why murder is the most serious crime. It’s why we have inquests into suspicious and unexplained deaths. And if the authorities believe someone might be at large after someone has died, you would think they would say so. If not, the decent thing would be to let people know promptly there’s no cause for alarm.

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