Circus’Cision: Those That Made the Cut!

Fringe Review: Circus’Cision: Those That Made the Cut

by Head First Acrobats

17 May 2019

Bosco Theatre

Well if you like really sexy muscular acrobats this is the show for you. No-holds barred, hilarious action from the Fringe favourites and stalwarts of the Bosco and Spiegeltent in recent years. These guys bring a lot of fun and a lot of talent and its got to be said a fair amount of nudity to the Old Steine.

If you have seen this show before there is no reason not to go again as it has been totally refreshed. I was however happy to see my favourite hula-hooping act Chelsea Angel start the show. She is mesmerising to watch. Some superbly executed tricks and some super sexy moves.

Logy with his amazing box juggling is charismatic and funny and his northern Irish charm can’t help to get you smiling and falling a little bit in love with him.

A new face to me was Jack Tucker a raucous and in your face comedian if ever there was one. Pretty unusual if you want to see a different kind of stand-up. He is doing a solo show too which I am very tempted to go and see. I would love to know if he can keep up that super fast tempo and that high energy for a full set. I have a feeling he will not disappoint.

The Head First boys are of course the stars of the show. The four of them do a medley of acts in various combinations and solo slots. All excellent in their own right but hilarious and downright dirty when all together.

Circus’Cision has only one other showing at the festival on the 19th so get along but you can also see the Aussie lads do their new cowboy themed show Railed with amazing acrobatics and their signature cheekiness. Expect lost of cheeks as well as cheekiness. Incredibly the guys do a kids show too called Arr We There Yet? Pirate themed with their amazing tricks where the clothes stay on!


16 – 19 May 2019 19:15 – 20:15
£10.00 – £12.00
Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco
Old Steine Gardens

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