KidTalk Review – Arr We There Yet?

Arr We There Yet, Headfirst Acrobats – Brighton Spiegeltent

Arr We There Yet?

Orla, 9, said: “I thought this show was gobsmackingly amazing.

“From dangerous knife juggling to balloon sword-fights with the audience it gripped your attention fully – you couldn’t look away!

“Telling side-splitting jokes, performing unbelievable tricks (such as climbing up ladders – with no support and doing handstands on other people’s shoulders), it was performed superbly with a funny plot.

“My favourite part was when they jumped on the spring board, making the other person go up when they came down and doing back flips.

“It was hilarious and brilliant and I would recommend it to all ages!”

Bert, 5, said: “I liked this show. It was cool. My favourite bit was when they had a big sword fight with the audience.

“I also liked the knife juggling on a ladder. I want to do that when I’m a pirate.”

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