Consultation begins on controversial Brighton scheme to house homeless people

People are being asked to have their say on proposed flats for homeless people at the former Hollingbury Library site.

The scheme in Carden Hill is for 13 “move-on” flats for people who have been homeless and are ready to live independently.

When the project went before Brighton and Hove City Council’s Housing and New Homes Committee in March, concerns were raised about the scheme being next to a pub and primary school.

Neighbours were worried by people with complex needs being housed in the flats which are part of a £3 million project which has £750,000 of government funding.

The support services are expected to cost £150,000 a year for five years on top of the £3.1 million cost of building the 12 or 13 flats and an office on the library site.

In the consultation, residents are asked to comment on the designs and add any suggestions for improvements.

The consultation also asks for comments relating to any concerns people have about the project.

Public exhibitions are taking place on Monday (3 June) from 3.30pm to 6pm and next Thursday (6 June) from 6pm to 8.30pm at the Old Boat Corner Community Centre.

The consultation is open until Friday 28 June at

  1. Sarah Sukihov Reply

    £3.1 million to build 12 or 13 flats and an office?

    What are they building it out of? Gold bricks?

    Given I assume that the land is already included, how on earth are they spending around £235,000 PER FLAT building it?

    Someone appears to be making a lot of profit out of this!

  2. Gilbert Bligh Reply

    While there is a need for schemes like this, perhaps closer in to town and not in the middle of a former council estate with locals who are often typically racists that think they’re hard types frequenting the local pub, when is the council going to help provide accommodation for the thousands of people on it’s council housing list?
    All they seem to do is approve schemes like this or for thousands of new student units for people with mostly no local connection to the area.
    How many thousands of ‘normal’ residents have been driven away from Brighton by high housing costs, the influx of Greater London people moving here, the massive and out of proportion numbers of students now here – not withstanding the tired argument that the new student housing blocks will free up private rented accommodation – it hasn’t.
    We really need a different system of local government because democracy doesn’t work.
    The incompetent idiots voted in by a mostly ignorant and out of proportion student electorate who have no local connection does not work.
    We have become a town infested by morons who then elect super-morons to run the place.
    And the consultation is a charade – they don’t take any notice of local opinion – just as they did with the Horsdean scheme for travellers that cost about a ridiculous 200k per unit – talk about a gravy train ?

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