Thousands enjoy Kemptown Carnival sunshine

Posted On 02 Jun 2019 at 12:07 pm

Thousands of people packed the sun-baked streets of Kemp Town for the return of the carnival yesterday (Saturday 1 June).

Kemptown Carnival – Picture by Reggie Sangha

Crowds filled Upper St James’s Street and St George’s Road – and side roads like Portland Place and Paston Place.

Stalls lined the route of the carnival procession and, with several sound stages, music filled the air through the afternoon.

Although the event was billed to finish at 6pm, there were plenty of people still partying in the warm sunshine as stall holders started to pack up.

It was the first time the carnival had taken place for three years.

But dozens of businesses, a host of volunteers and much of the community appeared to have given their full support.

Former councillor and Radio Reverb presenter Geoffrey Bowden said on Twitter this morning: “One of the unexpected surprises from yesterday’s brilliant revival of the Kemptown Carnival was the open house hosted by St John the Baptist’s Church.”

Praise for the revellers and the policing also came from newly elected councillor Samer Bagaeen, who lives in Kemp Town.

Here is a selection of photographs by Reggie Sangha.

  1. Christian Brideson Reply

    It was a very well organised event, although we need to find something more balance with the drumming bands [my opinion], well managed and closed on time as promised to the locals. It was helped by fab weather – I hope that the local community and traders benefited from the day – I have heard that one shop took £27k in one day…..more next year?

  2. John Scoundrel Reply

    It was two years ago and not three like your article states. There also seems to be more people in the parade then there is watching it.

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