Why we face a ‘no deal’ Brexit

Posted On 06 Sep 2019 at 5:53 am

There has been much talk about a “no deal” Brexit – not only in Parliament but also reported in the local and social media.

Indeed, even our three MPs in Brighton and Hove have spoken consistently on this subject, written media articles and some have even been on protests about it and pointed out the possibility of a “no deal” Brexit.

So how have we found ourselves with this possibility of a “no deal” Brexit?

There are a couple of reasons why I believe we find ourselves in the present situation.

The media in our country have failed to keep us updated with the facts and have rather fed us all worrying headlines but not the circumstances and implications behind these.

They and our MPs have led on government defeats in Westminster with glee, without explaining the consequences of their actions to us in the city.

The previous prime minister brought a withdrawal agreement on leaving the European Union three times before Parliament – and three times our city’s MPs voted against this deal with the EU.

So I find it difficult when I hear all three of them continually banging on about the government trying to bring forward a so called “no deal” Brexit.

The reason we are facing still a possibility of a “no deal” Brexit is because of our three local MPs and likeminded MPs who have voted against a deal with the European Union those three times and which has brought us to this very possible outcome.

I would suggest that instead of voicing anguish and protesting against the government, why not ask our three MPs why they have voted against a withdrawal agreement deal to leave the European Union on three separate occasions?

It is because of their actions that we now find ourselves in the situation of facing a “no deal” Brexit.

Councillor Steve Bell is the leader of the Conservative group on Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Jon Reply

    The Tories have been in power since 2010 but apart from “the previous Prime Minister” seem to have escaped criticism here

  2. MD Reply

    I have realised that the Remainers have been right all along when they say I did not know all the true facts before voting to leave, and it’s true!

    We WERE lied to apparently – so I decided to do a little research.

    I just voted to leave because I thought our sovereignty was being compromised by foreign unelected masters.

    That we were compelled to have unlimited uncontrolled immigration, our laws and export agreements dictated by Brussels bureaucrats – and had to pay eye-watering amounts for the privilege


    I did not know more than 10,000 EU Dictatorship officials get paid more than our Prime Minister.

    I did not know that, unlike the UK, 18 countries get more back from the EU than they put in.

    I did not know that the EU Dictatorship occupies over 45 buildings – 2 of which were purpose built monuments of grandeur and are the largest buildings in Europe.

    I did not know that the EU Dictatorship Parliament spends 150 million euros a year moving to Strasbourg every month for 4 days committee meetings – and any attempt to stop this madness is vetoed by France.

    I did not know that the EU Dictatorship has had a huge luxury shopping Mall built in Brussels for exclusive use of EU Dictatorship employees.

    I did not know that every day queues of chauffeur driven cars, with their engines running, wait outside EU Dictatorship establishments while their occupants go in, sign in for their attendance allowance and expenses, then come straight back out and are driven away.

    I did not know that many of them (like the Kinnocks) end up as millionaires as a reward for looking the other way!

    I did not know that Clegg was lying when he mocked Nigel Farage for saying that an EU Fourth Reich army was being planned – and Brussels said all along that it would NEVER happen.

    I did not know that the EU Dictatorship had been financing the mass movement of major industries from UK to mainland Europe.

    I did not know that every member of the EU Dictatorship Council has to swear an Oath of Allegiance to the EU Dictator,s – so they are not a country’s representative to the EU Dictatorship,,,,,They are the EU Dictatorship’s Dictator,s to the enslaved countries.!

    I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I have never for a moment doubted the correctness of my decision but I am now more sure than ever.

    I am so glad that the Remainers prompted me to look deeper into the bureaucratic absurdity of being in the Evil EU Political Dictatorship Organisation.

    Apart from all that, everything’s fine and anything Boris does to upset the silly and biased little Speaker and other pant-wetters in Parliament gets my full backing!

    • david Reply

      A little research ? You just re-posted other un-researched comments from the internet.

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