One of Brighton’s oldest pubs to close

Posted On 24 Sep 2019 at 12:31 pm

One of Brighton’s oldest pubs has announced it is to close its doors on Thursday.

The Royal Pavilion Tavern, affectionately known locally as the Pav Tav, has been a fixture on Castle Square for about 200 years.

But today, it posted a note on its website saying it will be permanently closing on the 26 September. The short message added: “We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The pub’s owners, Mitchells and Butlers, have been contacted for comment. No official response has been received so far, but the company did tweet that it was a “commercial decision”.

The building was established as the Royal Pavilion Hotel in the early 19th century, possibly as early as 1816. From 1823 and 1832, it doubled up as an early version of a magistrates court.

In 1826, local architect Amon Henry Wilds redesigned the building with a typical Regency stuccoed bow front and an intricate balcony featuring the Brighton’s interlinked dolphins.

The Royal Pavilion Tavern and the iron railings outside it were Grade II listed in 1952.

  1. Lesley Reply

    Bout time it was disgusting in there hasn’t been the Sam for years

  2. Ian Crisp Reply

    Horrible place not surprised at all

  3. Andy Reply

    Used to love the indie night upstairs years ago

  4. Brian Combe Reply

    The club was the scene of some wonderful memories for me. Two centuries of continued use ended with no apparent attempt to salvage the venue. Like so many things in Brighton it’s very iffy.

    • Dave H Reply

      Mad for it quality nite on a thursday

  5. jody Reply

    Having worked here for two years, promoted clubnights upstairs for many years and even met my wife at the pav I know that Mitchell & Butler have let this historic building go into disrepare bit by bit. Giving up on three floors of letting rooms (formerly the hotel) and then the nightclub leaving them with what could have been a multi floored venue into a ground floor bar who’s reputation had been marred by employing manager after manager with no knowlage of Brighton or passion for what this great venue once was.

  6. jody Reply

    The Royal Pavilion Tavern will be closing its doors 26th September while we undertake work on the upper floors of the building. Watch this space for what comes next. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. from website

  7. Charli Bones Reply

    Sold for flats. Its where the money is.

    • Andy Rowley Reply

      In the 70’s it was the ONLY place to meet-a busy,bustling social hub which was then subject to unsympathetic plans to make more money whilst ripping the heart out the place.With the wine vaults at the back and Bass on draught from the wonderful long old wooden Shades bar ,it was the springboard for every weekend.Happy to have known the best days-it will be no loss now.

  8. Andy Simmons Reply

    Obviously the haters never hung out in the Shades Bar during the 80’s, some of the best times of my life. To be fair though it did turn into a bit of a $@&t hole 😢

  9. Nicki Reply

    We all used to meet in the Pav Tav before going clubbing in the 80’s , best years of my life and a great pub with DJ . Great times and Happy Memories.

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