Junior doctor faces jury trial for trying to frame love rivals

Posted On 04 Oct 2019 at 12:43 pm

A junior doctor has been charged with perverting the course of justice by setting up fake social media profiles in the names of his love rivals to make it look as though they were guilty of harassment.

Javed Saumtally, 26, appeared at Brighton Magistrates Court charged with making false reports to police, signing a statement which was untrue and falsifying exhibits.

The crown says he did this after a brief relationship with Ben Gough cooled to a friendship and he allegedly became obsessed with him.

Saumtally is then said to have set up profiles on a range of social media in the name of another of Mr Gough’s ex boyfriends, which he used to send messages and create fake screenshots which made Mr Gough believe his ex was harassing him.

Mr Gough went on to report his ex to the police.

Saumtally is then said to have set up yet more social media profiles in the name of Mr Gough’s new boyfriend, which he used to create the impression the boyfriend was harassing him.

He then reported the new boyfriend to police himself.

When the apparent harassment started, Saumtally was working as a junior doctor in Brighton, having spent six years at Brighton and Sussex Medical School before qualifying in 2017.

He is now working at a hospital in Ipswich, where the offence is also said to have taken place between 1 August and 20 September last year.

At the brief hearing on September 19, the court heard he is intending to plead not guilty, and the case was committed to crown court for trial. He will next appear at Lewes Crown Court on 17 October. 

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