Judge bans persistent criminal from centre of Brighton for two years

Posted On 29 Oct 2019 at 1:28 pm

A judge handed a persistent criminal a suspended prison sentence and banned him from the centre of Brighton from two years.

Tobias Denyer aka Toby Denyer

District Judge Tessa Szagun gave Tobias Denyer, also known as Toby Denyer, a 12-week jail sentence, suspended for two years for two offences.

She said that he had a long history of offending and committed his most recent crimes – one of which was racially aggravated – while subject to a court order.

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She banned Denyer from hanging around in public with his friend Ryan Breach, 30, as part of a two-year criminal behaviour order made at Brighton Magistrates’ Court last week.

Denyer, 37, who has dozens of previous convictions, was found guilty of stealing a bag from Ashley Jones in Old Steine, Brighton, on Tuesday 21 May.

On the same day in May he intentionally caused Kim Madisetti harassment, alarm or distress by using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour.

The offence, which was also committed in Old Steine, was found to be racially aggravated, and Denyer was ordered to pay £200 compensation to Ms Madisetti, of Brighton.

The suspended prison sentences were ordered to run concurrently while Denyer was given no separate sentence for a third offence – of intentionally causing Kim Madisetti harassment, alarm or distress.

Denyer, of Susans Road, Eastbourne, and previously of Kendal Court, Newhaven, was also ordered to work with the homelessness charity St Mungo’s to find somewhere to live.

Sussex Police said: “A man has been banned from Brighton city centre after being issued with a two-year criminal behaviour order.

“Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday 21 October that Tobias Denyer’s persistent criminal and anti-social behaviour had a detrimental impact on businesses, staff and the community in the city centre.

“The court banned Denyer, 37, from the city centre and from Brighton railway station as part of the criminal behaviour order and he was ordered to engage with St Mungo’s homeless charity.

“Criminal behaviour orders are available for persistent and repeat offenders whose criminal, nuisance and/or anti-social behaviour continually impacts on the community.”

PC Rich Hall, from the prevention team, said: “Denyer has continued to behave anti-socially and be nuisance to the community and he agreed himself when he appeared in court that his behaviour was unacceptable.

“We want to assure the public that we will continue to use anti-social behaviour legislation, as well as criminal powers, to ensure that offenders not only answer for their criminal behaviour, but that they are subject to ongoing restrictions, in order to provide a respite to individuals, businesses or communities.”

  1. Rachel Lewis Reply

    Why isn’t this persistent criminal in jail?

    • Rob Reply

      Yes, with the offer of a job in his government of all the talents lol

  2. Shaz Reply

    We need to help poor people like this. Corbyn will support people like this young man.

    • Gaz Reply

      Corbyn will support racists and shoplifters? Are you sure?

    • Shaz Reply

      Corbyn loves poor people with troubles. He’s for the many not them few

  3. Chris Whyte Reply

    I remember when Toby was at the Brighton station everyday. Me and my friend would finish college and sit down for an hour and just watch the legend roast people and watch him have a laugh. Toby is a legend

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