William Doyle in Brighton – a gig NOT to be missed!

Posted On 17 Feb 2020 at 1:37 pm

William Doyle will be performing live in Brighton on Sunday 23rd February (pic Xenogothic)

The very talented musician William Doyle will be heading to the popular Brighton concert venue, The Hope & Ruin on Sunday 23rd February (courtesy of promoters Neat Neat Neat) as part of his exclusive half dozen UK tour dates in support of his latest album ‘Your Wilderness Revisited’ which had been rattling inside of him and trying to get out for a decade.

This wonderful creation deals with the yearning of childhood memories and the feeling we have for places around us that we have lost forever. William explains:

“The architecture and the planning of the modern British suburb influenced this album as much as the experiences and emotions I superimposed upon that landscape at a formative age. I started creating in these places, I started to expand myself in these places, I grappled with grief and loss in these places”.

‘Your Wilderness Revisited’ can be heard and enjoyed (and if you like it purchased) on his official Bandcamp page, along with his previous four releases – check them out HERE.

William Doyle with BBC Radio’s Lauren Laverne

William’s tour will commence tomorrow in Glasgow, before making his way south to Leeds, Manchester and Brighton, before heading off to Bristol and then to conclude in his London base.

Many people may not have registered the fact that William was actually previously known as East India Youth. He put out two genre defining albums, ‘Total Strife Forever’ in 2013, (which was quite rightly nominated for a ‘Mercury Music Prize’ in 2014) and ‘Culture Of Volume’ in 2015. I must confess that I played both of these albums to death and never got bored of them, even travelling up to London to see him perform live at The Lexington, which was a most memorable evening as he got totally carried away and smashed up his Novation synth.

These days William’s music is a different kettle of fish. There will be no synth smashing, but an aural sculpture of pleasurable well written heartfelt compositions for a more mellow mood. What do I mean by that you ask? Well, many years ago at the tail end of the 1970’s and early 1980’s I used to frequent ‘The Laserium’ at the London Planetarium on Marylebone Street adjacent to Madame Tussaud’s and they would have wonderful performances whereby you would lay right back in these big comfy chairs which were situated in a circle within ‘the dome’ and look up at the darkened ceiling, where we would experience a magnificent sound and light show. It felt as though you were floating in space or laying outside within Stonehenge. This was possible by the use of an impressive Zeiss Mark IV planetarium projector which looked like a Russian Sputnik meets a ray-gun. I would strongly suggest that if these shows were still happening right now, then William Doyle’s ‘Your Wilderness Revisited’ album would be a perfect choice for this. The album contains the dulcet tones of none other than synth pioneer Brian Eno and the highly idiosyncratic one and only Jonathan Meades.

Arguably all three of these men (Doyle, Eno and Meades) operate on the fringes of their fields and more for the better I say. They have all pushed boundaries and themselves! This is why it would be advisable NOT to miss Doyle’s performance in Brighton on Sunday 23rd February as boundaries will be explored and pushed!

Purchase your tickets HERE or from your usual ticket supplier.

Support on the night will come from the enigmatically named British-Nigerian electronic music producer and songwriter Tony Njoku, who has produced an even more enigmatically named 14 track album Your Psyche’s Rainbow Panorama.

For further information on William Doyle, visit his official website – william-doyle.co.uk

Gig flyer

Tour flyer

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