Ed Sheeran makes surprise guest appearance at Brighton gig

Posted On 23 Feb 2020 at 4:51 pm

Ed Sheeran live at the Brighton Centre with James Blunt 22.02.20

Thousands of music fans at James Blunt’s Brighton Centre concert were stunned last night (Saturday 22 February) as the one and only Ed Sheeran appeared live on stage and dueted with James.

Our reviewers Mark & Tracy Kite reported …

“The biggest surprise of the whole evening and a total shock to all of us in the audience was when James Blunt explained about the next song and that he had co-written it with Ed Sheeran.

“The music started and someone entered the stage from the right.

“My colleague said: ‘That can’t be Ed Sheeran!’

“Oh, yes it was. The audience erupted and were all cheering. I’m sure they heard us all in nearby Eastbourne.

“It was epic. James and Ed performed the song together ‘Make Me Better’, for us, which was sublime and one of those special moments you will never ever forget.

“When the song finished Ed explained that tonight was James Blunt’s 46th birthday and encouraged us to sing happy birthday.

“We did and then the place erupted once more. Incredible.”

Read the full concert review HERE.

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