Coronavirus: our city stands together

The coronavirus has made one thing clear: our inability as a country to cope with this crisis is no accident. It is through government failure.

A decade of cuts, deregulation and the dismantling of social security has left the vulnerable, public services and local businesses exposed to the worst of this pandemic.

We have repeatedly condemned the chronic underfunding of vital services such as adult social care – now under increased strain.

Zero-hours contracts mean too few protections for workers who find themselves losing income, if not their jobs.

Half of working renters are only one pay cheque away from losing their home.

After an extraordinary week for our city, the cost to our treasured tourism, culture and hospitality industries is already becoming clear.

Unacceptably, too many are left wondering if they will be able to pay bills or go hungry.

The government’s panicked response to the crisis has alarmed scientists worldwide.

Chronic underfunding and the post-Brexit flight of health professionals means our NHS is not prepared while big business interests play the major role in the government response.

Unforgivable neglect has seen others stepping in to fill the gap in leadership.

Nationally, the Green Party is calling for a coronavirus solidarity pact for those affected by the crisis.

More must also be done to protect our city, jobs and  local economy.

As covid-19 grows, so does anxiety – especially for older residents and those with underlying conditions – and we have been in touch with many already.

The council continues to issue advice online, and we will keep pressing for further guidance.

Around our city, we’ve seen amazing community spirit.

Locally, Green councillors are working cross-party to support the council’s response to the pandemic: now more than ever, we repeat our commitment to values of mutual aid and solidarity.

The coronavirus affects all our communities and our city is in this together.

Urgent action is needed to protect the vulnerable. But we won’t wait for government.

Green councillors will continue to work hard for you, and we stand with you all.

Let’s spurn the crisis by building the city’s biggest force for good.

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty is the opposition Green group convenor on Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Rolivan Reply

    Oh come on Phelim you can surely do better than that,are all of The Governments throughout the World to blame?
    This is going to bring about a massive correction in the way that we live our lives if we are lucky enough to survive through to the otherside.
    By the way how many people lost their lives through no fault of their own during the AIDS? crisis.

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