Council reminds visitors not to flock to Brighton beach

Posted On 04 Apr 2020 at 2:18 pm

Brighton beach by the Palace Pier this lunchtime

Brighton and Hove City Council has slammed people coming to Brighton beach for being “irresponsible and dangerous” this morning.

Pictures from webcams along the seafront this lunchtime show a steady trickle of people walking, running and cycling along the prom.

Sussex Police said that there had been reports of people not observing social distancing this morning, but said people are now generally following coronavirus guidelines.

A council spokeswoman said: “There are currently too many people in Brighton and Hove, especially along the seafront.

“This is making social distancing impossible and putting people at risk.

“We would appreciate all help in telling people to stay away and not use open spaces for meeting up.

“We know it’s hard for people but their actions are irresponsible and dangerous.”

Chief Superintendent Nick May said: “There were some reports earlier this morning of people not observing social distancing, but I’m pleased to say people are heeding the guidance and are staying off the beach.”

Meanwhile, police asked people not to drive to their favourite spots to exercise or walk the dog for the time being.

The force said: “We are hugely appreciative of everyone who is staying at home and avoiding unnecessary trips out of home.

“We’d all like to enjoy our usual walking spots but for the short term we are asking you to support us in reducing all unnecessary travel on the roads which includes driving somewhere to take exercise and walk a dog.

“These changes are specifically to slow the spread of covid-19, prevent the National Health Service becoming overwhelmed and to ultimately save lives.

“Covid-19 is a threat to the health of everyone not just the vulnerable.

“We ask you to walk the beat close to home to reduce the risks inherent in travelling around and to play your part in helping each other get through these challenging times quickly and safely.

“Our favourite walks will be waiting for us when this is over but the people we walk them with might not be.”

  1. Terry w Reply

    People was well near our bbq. Not on m8

    • Fffgjii Reply

      Shouldn’t be having a BBQ anyway.

  2. Shaz Reply

    It’s going to be hotter tomorrow keep 2 feet away please people

    • Philippa Hodge Reply


  3. Duncan Reply

    Metres not feet!

  4. Zara Reply

    Beach nice and quiet. Quieter than parks in burgess hill so at least less people. Few runners close to each other. Sea cold though!!! At lest quiet in here

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