Government publishes official coronavirus death toll for Brighton and Hove

Posted On 30 May 2020 at 12:48 am

The government has published the official coronavirus death toll for Brighton and Hove including separate figure for care homes and hospices.

The figures were released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and include deaths registered up to Friday 15 May.

The ONS said that 70 people with the virus had died in hospital.

A further 46 people with covid-19 have died in care homes.

Six have died in a hospice and five in “other communal establishments”.

One person with the virus died at home, making 128 in total from the start of the pandemic to the middle of this month.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) has now recorded 129 deaths of people with the virus.

Some of the deaths may have been from other causes but the patients had been tested and found to have covid-19.

The trust runs the Royal Sussex County Hospital and the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, in Brighton, and the Princess Royal Hospital, in Haywards Heath.

The local NHS figures do not, however, include those who died from the coronavirus at home or in a hospice, care home or nursing home.

Sussex Community Foundation Trust, which has its headquarters at Brighton General Hospital, has reported 15 deaths so far. Although the Brighton General is no longer run as a hospital, the trust runs hospitals elsewhere in Sussex.

Western Sussex Hospitals, which shares its leadership with BSUH and runs hospitals in Worthing and Chichester, has now recorded 107 deaths.

Another neighbouring trust, East Sussex Healthcare, which runs hospitals in Eastbourne and Hastings, has reported 81 deaths, while the figure for Surrey and Sussex Healthcare has risen to 241.

Nationally, the number of deaths of people with the virus rose by 324 to 38,161. The UK total included not just hospital patients but those who died in care homes, hospices or at home.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus remained unchanged in Brighton and Hove at 434.

In East Sussex the number stayed the same at 708 and likewise in West Sussex the figure was unchanged at 1,320, making 2,462 cases in Sussex as a whole.

  1. Bob Reply

    The telegraphs widget
    is saying 440 cases today 30th another rise of 6 from yesterday. Following the rise stated here of another 5 from day before yesterday.
    Are we seeing start of secong wave??

  2. Jon Reply

    According to the telegrapgh there are now 440 cases in brighton and hove an increase of 6 from yesterday following an increase of 5 the day before. Is this a second wave?

  3. bradly23 Reply

    what kind of “wave”? Sylvia-wave? this gas-lighting will run and run…

  4. Mister T Reply

    We can almost certainly expect a 2nd wave, quite possibly worse than the 1st. People have become inured to the danger and the irresponsible mixed messaging from the government, in opposition to the scientific community serves only to compound this. Today, Matt Hancock tweeted that the “2.2 million people who have been shielding can safely go outside”. He is saying that people with: Severe asthma, cancer, organ transplants can *safely* go outside among the many thousands that don’t give a toss about social distancing and other cautionary measures. Meanwhile, thousands of doctors and healthcare workers are expressing their desperation at this irresponsible “guidance” that was not communicated to clinicians and did not involve their input.

  5. Rostrum Reply

    Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals does not just cater for people in the city. For these figures to have any meaning they need to be broken down.. e.g.
    * patients place of residence.
    * age-group
    * gender
    * lifestyle (smoker etc etc.)
    * etc etc etc…..
    Raw figures are meaningless.

  6. Oliver Reply

    “Some of the deaths may have been from other causes but the patients had been tested and found to have covid-19”.
    This is mis-leading and scaring the whole nation.
    A colleague of mine although never experiencing any symptoms tested positive for corona while being treated in hospital for a completely unrelated issue. Had he died he would have been another Covid death added to the list.

  7. Judith Taylor Reply

    Having covid-19 cases is bad enough but our death rate from cases in Brighton and Hove was 29% on Saturday, compared to 14% nationally. Our elderly population clearly influences that statistic but it’s still horrifying. I would make all city joggers wear face masks as I am fed up with them panting in my face! Pleased that Nancy Platt is asking for local powers to clear beaches. Hope she gets them.

    • James Reply

      I totally agree with you on this Judith.
      I personally would also like to see all dogs wearing face masks too as I am also fed up with them panting in my face.
      There has been sightings of a pod of dolphins on the Brighton coast these past few days. I am concerned about people trying to interact with them as it was reported that the dolphins were not wearing face masks and that the virus can possibly water ski from one animal to the next.

  8. Skippy Reply

    How many deaths WITH C19 against those OF C19?
    How many tests of asymptomatic have been done?
    How many of those deaths that have occurred were nosocomial (ie picked up in a care setting)?
    There is no second wave.

  9. Pat Berry Reply

    I hope Nancy Platt gets the local power she needs . This message must get out to young people who think the laws don’t apply to them .

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