Brighton vegan pizza restaurant to open branch in Patisserie Valerie in Hove

Posted On 15 Jun 2020 at 8:55 am

The bosses of a vegan pizza restaurant in Brighton plan to open another branch of their business in the old Patisserie Valerie premises in Hove.

The Western Road restaurant will become the third branch of Purezza which started its first plant-based pizzeria in St James’s Street, Brighton, five years ago.

The owners of Purezza, the Italian for purity, opened a second branch in the north London borough of Camden before finding a base in Hove.

The Patisserie Valerie chain folded last year after the signs of large-scale fraud were found in autumn 2018.

They said: “Our aim is simple: to make our plant-based menu superior to the traditional alternatives.”

According to the Propel hospitality business newsletter, the third Purezza pizzeria is due to open at the Palmeira Square end of Western Road in late August.

Propel said that it would be “spread across two floors, featuring upcycled furniture, and decorated with eco-friendly and organic paint”.

The newsletter added: “As well as its plant-based pizzas, the restaurant will offer a range of cocktails and a full gluten-free menu.”

Co-founder and co-owner Tim Barclay was quoted by specialist publication Vegan Food and Living as saying: “2020 was always set to be a big year for Purezza and, while the coronavirus crisis was an unforeseen challenge, it won’t affect our plans.

”Purezza is a growing brand but our home has always been Brighton and Hove.

“Before looking at national expansion, we’re proud to be able to give some of our most dedicated customers a new beautiful space in Hove to enjoy.”

Propel said that the company also had its own vegan cheese factory.

  1. Lotty Reply

    Looks yummy. Hope all organic. One for after school supper for sure

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