Will there be any Brighton & Hove music venues left in a few months time?

Posted On 20 Jun 2020 at 11:47 am

Despite the launch of #saveourvenues, campaign by the Music Venue Trust charity (MVT), it’s looking very bleak for some of Brighton & Hove’s live music venues. If our local music premises aren’t assisted, then there’s the possibility of our world class Brighton grassroots music scene collapsing!

The campaign has resulted in 140 grassroots music venues being removed from its ‘critical’ list. But we STILL need to save our Brighton & Hove music venues. And we need to do it now!

#saveourvenues has so far raised in excess of £1.5m in donations in response to the continued economic threat to over 500 grassroots music venues throughout the UK. However, now the situation is dire and government support has been exhausted, and it now falls to artists, music fans, local communities and the wider industry to take action.

Spacewords Brighton

Put bluntly, without these venues, the opportunities for artists and audiences to connect in a meaningful way at a local level will simply disappear in a lot of cases and if they go they will never come back.

Please assist us to help grassroots music venues to survive this unprecedented threat to their existence.

We have studied the figures for our local venues on the official #saveourvenues website and the statistics are not looking good at all. All are falling well short from their targets. As of today (20th June 2020), the published stats for the Brighton & Hove venues still in danger of being lost are:

Komedia Brighton
Target £10,000
Achieved £6,590
Shortfall £3,410

Latest Music Bar
Target £8,000
Achieved £610
Shortfall £7,390

The Brunswick
Target £10,000
Achieved £5,112
Shortfall £4,888

The Green Door Store & Rossi Bar
Target £25,000
Achieved £5,695
Shortfall £19,305

The Hope And Ruin
Target £12,000
Achieved £4,172
Shortfall £7,828

The Old Market
Target £15,000
Achieved £2,490
Shortfall £12,510

The Pipeline
Target £10,000
Achieved £495
Shortfall £9,505

The Prince Albert
Target £12,000
Achieved £4,197
Shortfall £7,803

For more information on the #saveourvenues campaign please visit: www.saveourvenues.co.uk

  1. Fleagle Reply

    Perhaps if a joint charity was set up for these Venues – then some wealthy people might want to donate to the cause – better than giving it to the taxman after all ?

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Thank you for you interest in our article.

    • Neil Harvey Reply

      The plight of these music venues is not being publicised enough locally.
      Why dont they get together and set up a joint crowdfunding project?

  2. Nitrous McBread Reply

    Nick Cave, Fatboy Slim… let’s be having you

  3. Jane B Reply

    Why not get licences to do outdoor socially distanced music or comedy on big screens over the Summer on the beach or on the lawns and ask the council to let them sell tickets for this. I’m sure many people would pay for this.

  4. Rostrum Reply

    All the physical venues will remain but the organisations running them may change.

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