Fifth student at Hove sixth form tests positive for coronavirus

Posted On 15 Sep 2020 at 4:41 pm

Cardinal Newman Catholic School

More students at a Hove sixth form are being told to self-isolate after a fifth student tested positive today.

Cardinal Newman had the misfortune of being the first Brighton and Hove school to be hit with coronavirus after the summer holidays.

Two year seven classes were told to self isolate within days of the new term starting after a teaching assistant tested positive. Another teaching assistant has also come down with the virus since.

But a larger outbreak has hit the school’s sixth form college, with three cases linked to an 18th birthday party in Hangleton also attended by BHASVIC students.

A fourth student tested positive on Friday – the same day BHASVIC announced one of its students who had briefly come on site last week had the virus.

Three more BHASVIC students who had not been at the college were at home and self-isolating.

Separately, Coldean Primary School’s two year six classes are self isolating this week after a staff member there tested positive.

Today, Cardinal Newman head Claire Jarman wrote to parents at Cardinal Newman to inform them of the fifth student case.

She said: “We were informed today of a further one of the direct contacts of a previous case in the sixth form college having tested positive for Covid-19.

“This case is directly related to the previous ones in college.

We have been in touch with Public Health England and the Brighton and Hove Education Authority to inform them and, having tracked and traced the student’s classes, several more college students will need to self-isolate because of this.

“Affected rooms will, of course, be fogged tonight.”

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