Covid cases linked to teen birthday party rises to 15

Posted On 17 Sep 2020 at 4:43 pm

BHASVIC – pic by Simon Carey Wiki Commons

The number of students who have tested positive after attending an 18th birthday party or being in contact with someone who did has now risen to 15.

Five students from Cardinal Newman and ten from BHASVIC are now confirmed cases as the city council continues to warn a local spike in cases is mainly down to young people meeting in each other’s houses.

The party took place on Friday, September 4, before the Government’s rule of six came into force, which makes it illegal for more than six people to meet inside or outside, unless in specially exempted circumstances.

Brighton and Hove City Council yesterday announced the city is on a yellow alert level under its new traffic-light based warning system because of rising cases.

And it said while nobody was trying to blame a particular demographic, the recent spread showed the importance of sticking to the new guidelines.

Alistair Hill, Director of Public Health, said: “The recent increase has been greatest amongst young people, particularly those aged 16-24.

“This isn’t a ‘blame game’, this group of people have had a really unsettling time over the past six months but, we do think that most 16-24 year olds who have caught the virus did so when they were visiting friends’ houses and at parties.

“It’s really important everyone plays their part and follows the guidance to reduce the risk of passing on Covid to others.

“We are renowned in Brighton and Hove for our care for one another and I know this includes young people.

“Please, everyone, make sure you continue to wash your hands regularly, wear face coverings where advised, maintain a safe distance, limit contact between households and follow the rule of six.”

Announcing the latest cases to parents, head of BHASVIC Wiliam Baldwin said: “To date, six students who attended Welcome Day alone have now tested positive. They and their close contacts are isolating.

“There are also four cases we know of where students have tested positive but they have not been on site.

“There are clear links between these cases to a single source which was an 18th Birthday Party on Friday, 4 September. There is no evidence of any transmission at college amongst our 3,150 students.”

He said although students were navigating the college’s new reduced timetable “brilliantly”, the school would be introducing Covid marshalls to make sure social distancing and mask wearing was maintained outside the classroom.

Cardinal Newman has told parents about five students who have tested positive, two of whom attended the party and three of whom had close contact with those cases.

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