Brighton council features in WikiLeaks files alleged to have been newly ‘dumped’

Posted On 30 Dec 2020 at 4:18 pm

Online publisher WikiLeaks is alleged to have “leaked all their files” including one relating to a motion that was rejected for debate by Brighton and Hove City Council.

While there are doubts that there has been a fresh “data dump”, scores of files and an index have been circulating widely as a result of the claims.

One of them is a note by former Green councillor Keith Taylor in January 2009 before he became a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

It was handwritten under a draft “notice of motion” submitted to the council for debate.

The motion referred to the EDO factory in Brighton and claims that parts made there were being used in aircraft used by Israel to bomb Palestinians.

Mr Taylor wrote: “I’m sorry to say this motion will not be allowed on to the agenda.

“The reason given was that the issue is not directly related to Brighton and has no bearing on the ‘wellbeing’ of the city.


He added: “We will be press releasing this refusal.”

The draft motion, headed “Gaza Strip”, said: “This council shares the distress and outrage felt by many residents over the deaths and injuries caused by the military action in Gaza and supports the call of several recent local demonstrations for an immediate ceasefire by all involved parties.

“This council also notes with concern evidence which suggests that a Brighton-based company EDO-MBM Technology Ltd (now trading as EDO-ITT) is producing and supplying bomb release mechanisms for the F16 Lockheed Martin jet fighter/bomber.

“This council further notes that the F16 jet fighter/bomber is the mainstay of the Israelie Air Force which is reported to have 362 operative F16s.

“At the time of drafting this resolution the Israeli campaign has killed at least 977 Palestinians, more than half of them civilians, many of them women and children. In addition, some 4,500 Palestinians have been wounded.

“This council

  • deplores the production of military components for use by countries involved in violent conflict and the presence of any such activities within the city
  • implores EDO-ITT to ensure all of its local production facilities are employed in the manufacture of non-military/weapon components only
  • instructs the chief executive to communicate our requests to EDO-ITT, reporting back progress to council.”

The claims of a data dump have been circulating as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange waits to learn whether he will be extradited to America. A ruling is due next week.

  1. brad Reply


  2. bob Reply

    You are reporting a document published by wikileaks nearly 12 years ago and that is still on the site. It was leaked back then but it is hardly news now. Seems like a cynical attampt to grab traffic off Wikileaks name.

    You would do more good writing an editorial supporting the cause of the man now facing extradition and life in prison for challenging US-UK war criminals and revealing the dirty secrets of the powerful.


    • Chaz Reply

      America is calling.
      Get rid of the waste of space turd.

  3. Chaz Reply

    But fear not, the numpties of B&HCC decided to discuss nuclear weapons recently.
    That had nothing to do with us either but hey, they were bored and clearly on something to do so.
    Pathetic council of Green Goons and Labour Loons.

  4. Greens Out Reply

    Morons then. Morons now.

    In fact I believe they’re actually WORSE now than then. And they were worse than useless then.

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