Six fined for squeezing into Hove beach hut

Posted On 19 Jan 2021 at 12:46 pm

Stock image of Hove beach huts

Six people were fined for breaching covid regulations after squeezing into a Hove beach hut last weekend.

Three large house parties in the city were also broken up and the revellers given fixed penalty notices by Brighton and Hove Police.

The partygoers were among 120 people fined for breaching covid regulations across the county as police said that they were still using an approach known as the 4Es – explain, engage, encourage and enforce.

Superintendent Julia Pope said: “We know the overwhelming majority of people in Sussex are doing the right thing by staying home, wearing masks and social distancing, but the amount of fixed penalty notices the force issued over the weekend is concerning.

“We understand the past year has been incredibly difficult for everyone but the virus is still very much here and we all need to do what we can to help prevent the spread.

“The rules and regulations are there for a reason and people should not be trying to find loopholes for their actions. Your actions could have serious consequences to the health of others.

“Our officers will continue to use the 4Es approach and enforcement action will be taken against those who are still blatantly breaching the rules as if they do not apply to them.

“Please, let’s all work together to help prevent this virus, protect the NHS and save lives.”

  1. Greens Out Reply


    Probablt Green voters

    • Brown Windsor Reply

      Right wing COVID deniers probably

  2. Ren Reply

    That’s funny, because the leader of those marches opposing lockdown was a member of her local Labour party executive committee

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