Share your memories of being treated at the Royal Alex

Posted On 26 Jan 2021 at 4:32 pm

The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital

A charity which raises money for the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital is looking for grown-ups who were treated there as a child over the last half-century.

Rockinghorse has helped provide life-saving equipment and support to the hospital since 1967, and now it wants to learn more about how it has helped families in the long term.

It’s launching a campaign called Remember Rockinghorse (#RememberRockinghorse) to collect as many stories as possible.

Ryan Heal, Rockinghorse chief executive, said: “As a Sussex based charity, we have supported hundreds of thousands of babies and children across the county since 1967.

“This support has ranged from medical equipment and services supporting children’s mental wellbeing to play equipment and research projects.

“We see how these help children and families when they are donated but we don’t often get to know the long-term benefits of our work.

“So, it will be wonderful to be able to hear from people who may now have families of their own about their positive experiences.

“We hope that this will help us compile a living history of Rockinghorse along with helping people appreciate how we have helped and continue to help the most vulnerable in our community.”

If you were treated in The Alex as a child and would like to share your memories of how you were supported contact the PR and Communication Manager, Alex Marshall, at to share your experiences.

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