NHS highlights free parking at Brighton Centre as patients start to refuse jabs there

Posted On 28 Jan 2021 at 1:37 pm

Shirley Killick, 85, of Patcham getting her vaccination on Tuesday.
Pic by David McHugh / Brighton Pictures

The NHS is highlighting Churchill Square’s offer of free parking for anyone being vaccinated at the Brighton Centre after some patients refused jabs there.

A Brighton surgery said yesterday that many of its patients were telling them they didn’t want to go to the seafront conference centre for their vaccinations.

Although it didn’t elaborate on the reasons given, social media comments suggest one concern many have is over how they will get there.

And this week a local newspaper a pensioner was advised – wrongly – that there was no parking at the centre.

But in fact, Churchill Square is allowing anyone with an appointment at the Brighton Centre to park for an hour for free.

And for those without a car, City Cabs is offering free rides, and Brighton and Hove Buses has extended free travel for OAPs to 24 hours a day.

Although the Brighton Centre does have lots of staircases – and the vaccinations are being given in the main auditorium on the first floor – there is easily accessible lift access for those who need it.

For anyone who would still prefer to be vaccinated at one of the smaller centres in the city, or who needs someone to come to them at home, this is still an option.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Preston Park Surgery said: “We are receiving a high number of calls from patients informing us that they do not wish to attend the Brighton Centre for their vaccination.

“If that is your choice, you will remain on our records and be contacted in due course. You do not need to let us know.

“We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.”

A spokeswoman for the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, which is running vaccinations at the Brighton Centre, said: “We’re not currently aware of any feedback from GPs that people are opting out of the Brighton Centre as a location for their vaccination.

“I’ve checked with a colleague at the CCGs, who oversee GP services, and they’ve not been made aware of any particular feedback either.

“The idea is that the different vaccine services (hospital hubs, Brighton Centre and GP-led services like Brighton Racecourse) complement each other and provide choice so that we can roll it out as quickly as we can.”

How to get free parking when you go for your vaccination at the Brighton Centre:

  • Park in the orange car park (Churchill 1), which is located in Regency Road East, BN1 2RU. The vehicle height restriction is 2.13m
  • Enter the car park via lane 1 (left hand lane)
  • On arrival take a ticket from the car park barrier
  • Explain to the Churchill Square Security Officer that you are attending the Brighton Centre for a COVID-19 vaccination. You will need to provide proof of vaccination appointment for that day (showing the confirmation you have received on your phone is fine).
  • The security officer will then validate your ticket.

  1. Relieved Reply

    Husband had vaccination at Brighton Centre on Tuesday. Whole process, including parking in Churchill Square, quick, efficient and friendly. No problems at all.

  2. Melvynn boon Reply

    Hi my surgery is 150 yards from my house and I’m wondering if I’m going there for my vaccination . people have said it would be the racehill.dont understand it that’s about 3 miles away .Any help on this ??

  3. Jan sayers Reply

    Is the 1hr free parking long enough as it is estimated 45mins for vacination.

  4. Sharon Watson Reply

    Really well organised 1 hour parking plenty vacination was dealt with very promptly

  5. Pat Reply

    If people are not very mobile then the walk from the car park to the Brighton Centre involves quite a bit of walking. Also for people who have hardly been out for a year walking through a grubby car park and down the stairwell or using a lift when you might have to be in close proximity to other people could be off putting.

  6. Idgie Reply

    Sadly the Brighton Centre can be tricky to access by foot or by bicycle, for residents not wishing to further damage public health in the city by using modes of transport that create vast quantities of particulate pollution, as some bloody great pillock has put a four-lane dual carriageway right in front of it.

    • Andy Reply


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