Hardcore punks Discharge announce Sussex concert date

Posted On 10 Mar 2021 at 5:15 pm

Discharge live at The Con Club, Lewes in 2019 (pic Tony Ham Photography)

Hardcore punks Discharge have announced a welcome return to The Con Club in Lewes on Sunday 29th August 2021 – Grab your tickets HERE.

This will be their second ever appearance at the venue having first played live there on 6th July 2019 – read our gig report HERE. This time around they will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of their epic ‘Realities Of War’ 4 track EP. So they will no doubt be performing all 4 of the EP’s tracks (Realities Of War’, ‘They Declare It’, ‘But After The Gig’ and ‘Society’s Victim‘) in super quick time!

‘Realities Of War’ EP (click on pics to enlarge!)

Discharge featured in one of the best ever concerts that I have attended. It was back in the day on Sunday 24th May 1981 and it took place up in London at the Lyceum and featured Discharge, The Exploited, Anti-Pasti, Chron Gen and the Anti-Nowhere League all on the same bill. It sure was invigorating! They were great in 1981 and at HRH Punk festival in Sheffield in 2019, where they were just as good. They haven’t slowed down at all, and that’s despite a foray into metal and back again and several different personnel changes. The highlight of any Discharge gig for me personally is …’Ain’t No Feeble Bastard’. They set the bar for others to follow with their hundred miles an hour unrelenting songs about anarchy and pacifism.

One of my best ever concerts featured Discharge! (click on pics to enlarge!)

The ‘music’ of Discharge is characterised by a heavy, distorted, and grinding guitar-driven sound and rawly shouted vocals, with lyrics on anarchist and pacifist themes. The band’s first album in 1982, ‘Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’, went to number two on the UK Indie charts and number 40 in the UK Album Chart. In the early 1980’s, the group had a number of singles and EP’s place in the top 10 of the UK indie charts, including the 1981 EP ‘Why’ and the 1982 single ‘State Violence State Control’. 

The specially printed Discharge t-shirts for the Discharge 2019 Lewes Con Club gig

More info on Discharge HERE.

Concert flyer

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