Snapped Ankles announce new Brighton concert

Posted On 25 Mar 2021 at 3:45 pm

Snapped Ankles announce Brighton concert

Our wonderfully eccentric leafy friends Snapped Ankles will triumphantly return to Brighton on 10th November 2021, when they will be appearing at CHALK in Pool Valley.

They were last seen in these parts sprouting roots from the Concorde 2 on 8th October 2019. We, the Brighton & Hove News Music Team, were lucky enough to catch their unique and memorable performance – Read our account HERE.

Snapped Ankles live at the Concorde 2, Brighton 08.10.19 (pic Sara-Louise Bowrey Photography) (click to enlarge!)

Snapped Ankles are Austin, Chestnutt, Parry and Russell, or as they put it “The Business Imp, The Cornucopian, The Nemophile and The Protestor”. They came from the trees in Epping Forest and now have settled in fertile east London, where they maintain the feral energy of the forest. Fight or flight. Primal motorik rhythms, the rush of white noise and post-punk angles; an aural onslaught played out on homemade log synths, electrified guitars and sticks beating hell on taut animal skin.

Snapped Ankles have flourished in the sub-tropical climes of warehouse and squat parties, moving onto performance art collaborations with filmmakers and shows in unlikely locations such as barber shops, games arcades and the forests they once called home. They plough a singular furrow at improbable angles. The woodwose have discovered electricity and they’re not afraid to use it.

Snapped Ankles live in Brighton 2019 (pic Sara-Louise Bowrey Photography) (click to enlarge!)

In September 2017 Snapped Ankles emerged from the woods clutching an album entitled Come Play The Trees’. It feels simultaneously modern and ancient and is what dance music will sound like when computers finally fail us. Log synths, bass guitar and sticks on taut animal skin coalesce to form fearsome primal rhythms. Fuzz guitars rubbing up against dirty rolling arpeggiated synthesisers to ignite wild white noise fires.

The band returned on 1st March 2019 with their 10 tune all encompassing second album entitled Stunning Luxury . Their 8 track live album 21 Metres To Hebden Bridge arrived on 6th November 2020.

Snapped Ankles forthcoming album ‘Forest Of Your Problems’ (click to enlarge!)

Yesterday (24th March 2021), they released their new singleRhythm Is Our Business which is an edited version of the version that will be appearing on their forthcoming new album Forest Of Your Problems which is going to hit the record shops and download sites on 2nd July 2021. This interestingly enough will be available as a ‘Nemophile Edition’ which is a limited edition of only 600 LP’s, which are pressed on high quality red/brown recycled vinyl with pink splatter. It comes with a printed lyric inner sleeve, with additional insert, housed in a printed paper bag. No shrink-wrap.

Listen (and purchase if you like) to Snapped Ankles material HERE.

Tickets available for their CHALK, Brighton show on Wednesday 10th November 2021, are available from HERE or HERE or from Resident music 01273 606312

For further enlightenment click HERE.

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