Brighton MPs react to cancellation of Pride

Posted On 05 May 2021 at 3:02 pm

Picture by Chris Jepson

Brighton’s MPs have reacted with sadness to the news that Pride is cancelling its main events for the second year running.

The organisers announced today that lack of insurance and uncertainty over how to keep staff and revellers safe meant the parade and two parties could not go ahead as planned.

Online and small community events will be scheduled through the summer.

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Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said: “As a loyal patron of pride for more years than I care to remember this is very sad news.
As the local Member of Parliament it’s incredibly frustrating news.

“I know how hard the organisers worked to get Pride 2021 off the ground. So it must be incredibly heartbreaking for them to have to postpone.

“What they needed was the Government to step up to the plate and underwrite the insurance of these public interest companies.

“Pride couldn’t take the risk of going ahead only for the Government to move the goal posts again at the last minute.

“All along our events industry have been begging for transparency so they can plan and the guarantee of support if the rug is pulled out from under them at the last minute. The government is giving them neither.

“Sadly I think the pretence everything is going to be fine by the government is going to quickly fade after Thursdays elections.

“Once again my thoughts are with all those involved in Pride. I know it’s a very difficult day for you all but I look forward to dancing with you all in the park in 2022.”

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas said: “This is a huge disappointment, not just for Brighton Pride but for our city and the hundreds of organisations who benefit from Pride’s fundraising.

“It’s completely understandable that the organisers have had to cancel the event because of all the uncertainty around what restrictions might be in place in August.

“But it’s exciting to hear about the smaller in-person community and pop-up cultural events that Brighton Pride is planning throughout the summer and autumn.

“This summer’s festival and events programme is facing near wipe-out because of the Government’s failure to act on Covid-related cancellation insurance.

“It’s impossible for promoters and organisers to pay huge up-front costs if they can’t get protection in the event of cancellation and I fear many other events will also be called off because of the Government’s short-sightedness.”

  1. Joe Stains Reply

    I have a lot of friends who are gay homosexuals or gay lesbians, and they are all heartbroken that Pride has been cancelled.

    Such a shame as it’s a wonderful event for all, but one can see the necessity in cancelling it.

    Sounds good that smaller events are being planned for the summer and autumn…

  2. bradly1 Reply

    thank goodness, sensible news,

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