Brighton and Hove Labour group elects joint party leaders

Posted On 11 May 2021 at 11:09 pm

Councillor Carmen Appich

The Brighton and Hove Labour group has elected two councillors as joint leaders after the resignation of Nancy Platts.

Councillors John Allcock and Carmen Appich are due to take the helm from Brighton and Hove City Council’s “annual council” meeting next week.

They were elected at the group’s annual meeting this evening (Tuesday 11 May).

Afterwards an email was sent to Labour Party members in Brighton and Hove which said: “Tonight, the Brighton and Hove Labour group of councillors has elected Councillor Carmen Appich and Councillor John Allcock as their new co-leaders.

Councillor John Allcock

“Councillors Appich and Allcock will be job-sharing the roles of Labour group leader and leader of the opposition on Brighton and Hove City Council and will work together as a united team to provide scrutiny and constructive opposition in the best interests of the city.

“Between Councillor Appich and Allcock, Labour’s new co-leadership team boasts a wealth of experience in the civil service, local government and the voluntary and community sector in policy areas such as finance, children’s services, health, equalities and culture – and together they will prove a robust and talented team to stand up for local residents.

“Councillor Appich and Councillor Allcock are looking to continue and build on the work of outgoing leader, Councillor Nancy Platts.

“In her time leading the Labour group and the council, Councillor Platts steered Brighton and Hove through the initial stages of the covid-19 pandemic, oversaw the building of more council and affordable homes and set up the city’s first ever climate assembly.”

Councillor Nancy Platts

Councillor Platts will continue to represent East Brighton ward on the council.

  1. Peter Challis Reply

    Why did they have to elect “co-leader”?

    I wonder how they will assign responsibilities between Carmen and John?

    Will they have to agree policy between them or will they split by function?

    Isn’t it important to have one person who is held to account, or is diversity more vital these days?

    Will they agree to rip up the coalition agreement with the Green Party and start listening to the electorate by providing a proper opposition?

    • Greens (and all of them) Out Reply

      Because neither have the brain cells to deal with it by themselves

    • Lord Omnium Reply

      The Labour Party have shown they can be diverse by electing one person who is human and one that is Momentum

  2. Susie Reply

    Isn’t this the lady who called her colleague cllr a bit*h? We need to get better prep ppl into politics. That’s why we should vote conservatives.

  3. Paul Temple Reply

    Cllr Appich does not appear to be one of the Momentum Loons which is encouraging. Lets see a proper opposition now, one that listens to it’s voters and not it’s coalition partner.

  4. Billy Short Reply

    It’s a new beginning after a period of complete mess, so good luck to them both.

    We can only hope that the Labour party can now provide effective opposition, rather than colluding with the acts of self harm we have seen in the city over the last 18 months.

    Above all we need practical solutions that suit all residents – and not more dumb ideas that are ideologically led, and which then fail to achieve their fantasy objectives.

    Concentrating on basic services rather than closing arterial roads would be a start.
    Then let’s have a decent park and ride scheme and get public transport running more smoothly.

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