Fourteen homes planned for ‘scrubland’ in Portslade

Outline plans for 14 houses on a site described as a “piece of scrubland” have been recommended for approval.

The scheme, by developer Mike Stimpson, on the corner of Foredown Road and Fox Way, Portslade, would create a new close, made up of two and three-bedroom houses.

Mr Stimpson applied to Brighton and Hove City Council for planning permission for the scheme.

On Wednesday (7 July) the council’s Planning Committee is expected to decide whether, in principle, he can build the new homes.

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The details of the design, including landscaping and any changes to the proposed layout, would go back before councillors at a later date.

A previous scheme submitted in 2019 was refused because nine houses were considered an “underdevelopment of the site”.

But neighbours have sent 39 objections to the latest plans, with eight coming from people directly affected by the scheme.

They object to the loss of green space, congested roads and what they say would be an overdevelopment of the site.

One resident, whose details have been redacted by the council, said: “Yet another valuable pocket of natural open land to be lost at the expense of housing.

“I regret the inexorable encroachment of the built environment into the greenbelt and the accompanying loss of wildlife habitat.”

Another nameless objector wrote: “This is already a very busy junction, especially at school times and rush hour. It is a main bus route.

“The additional housing would mean more cars using the junction and would increase the risk of accidents.

“When people park outside their houses on the east side of the junction, this causes traffic jams and extra pressure.”

Mr Stimpson’s agent Lewis and Co Planning said that the scheme would not affect the surrounding roads, adding: “All sizes of emergency, delivery and refuse vehicles would be able to gain safe and easy access to the site.

“The proposed development will not result in a significant increase in vehicular movements and would not, therefore, create any adverse impacts on the access or the surrounding highway network.”

The Planning Committee is due to meet at Hove Town Hall at 2pm on Wednesday (7 July). The meeting is scheduled to be webcast on the council’s website.

  1. Margaret Denman Reply

    As a resident and Senior Citizen I think that the idea of building so many new homes on this plot of land is not in the interest of the people who live here already. 14 houses with how many cars !! adding to the parking problems that exist already…..not only that but horse riders; cyclists; school children and walkers all use the access already, sometimes with great difficulty due to speeding vehicles driving down Fox Way. Congestion not only happens during rush hour but several times daily. Plus I bet Mr Stimpson will not be living in one of the houses to suffer any of the problems this development will bring to the area but be making a profit at the determent of others wellbeing .

  2. Laura McConnell Reply

    So, do the Council Planners actually visit sites – I suspect not?! Portslade, in particular, is losing so much of its natural green space. This pandemic should have taught everyone what is important – if more properties are built they NEED a proper amount of outside space per property, not the postage stamp that 9, let alone 14, properties would have! The new builds at Le Carbone are just as bad. I don’t care what the developer, or the planners, say, traffic is a nightmare at this junction a lot the time, especially when the buses are trying to use the junction. Planners need to stop authorising new properties in Portslade, and stop it now!!

  3. Faramarz Padari Reply

    The developers, are out of touch with environment and only see making huge profit,many live away from Portslade in Surrey or abroad. This must be stopped.the resident must complain to Councelors& MP

  4. Rostrum Reply

    People need homes. This land is already on bus route, a very good local road with schools and an established residential community. Makes a lot of sense to build there.

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